It is quite hard to decorate the living room because it is the main area of the house that receives attention as much as the living room does.

It is the living room wherein the entire family gathers. It is also the living room where guests and family sit together.

image - Living Room Ideas Redefine the Appearance of Your Blank Wall with Cityscape Painting

Living Room Ideas Redefine the Appearance of Your Blank Wall with Cityscape Painting


From casual meetings to important decisions, all of them are conducted in the house in its living room. So, why is it the living room that has a dull and blank wall?

Living Room interior with Abstract Cityscape Painting

You may have noticed the huge and fascinating cityscape paintings in hotel lobbies.

Lobbies have a contemporary and modern theme, which turns them into a room. It certainly creates and complements high-quality interior décor as cityscape paintings have their unique appearance.

We recommend you consider cityscape painting. The cityscape painting has one meaning for every visitor that visits you.

Anybody can interpret the cityscape painting in any way they want. You can add cityscape abstract canvas painting on any suitable wall.

Cityscape Paintings with Punctuated Lighting

Do you want to increase the beauty of the cityscape paintings in your living room?

If you want to emphasize the cityscape paintings in your living room, you should punctuate the lighting around them. The cityscape paintings have their own story.

For this purpose, you should choose the lamps or lighting fixtures that appreciate the overall aesthetic beauty of paintings.

There is also another proper way to decorate your living room. Homeowners can contrast the color of lighting with cityscape painting. It will add great elegance to the cityscape paintings.

You should hang the Cityscape paintings with punctuated lighting in corners. Blank walls in corners will get decorated, enhancing the overall look and illumination of the living room.

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5-Panel Cityscape Paintings

You can also use the 5-panels paintings to accentuate the look of the cityscape in your living room.

The large and small 5 panels of cityscape painting will increase the overall beauty of paintings in the room.

5-panel cityscape paintings give the impression that the cityscape is standing in front of you. Overall, it beautifies the living room to a greater extent.

We recommend you hang the 5-panel cityscape painting behind the sofa. It creates an overarching and powerful look in the living room.

The empty wall behind the sofas mars the entire look of the living room. Try not to leave it blank, at all.

Hanging a Muted Cityscape Painting

Do you have off-white and white colors in your living room? If you do, you should hang the muted cityscape paintings in your living room.

You should not leave a blank wall in your dining area. When the cityscape painting contrasts with the muted interior décor of the living room, it produces a serene and the most beautiful effect in the living room.

Placement of Cityscape Painting near the Dining Table

It is a general rule to hang the cityscape painting near the dining table. You can choose a canvas wall art near the dining table that represents your favorite city.

For instance, you can hang large cityscape paintings of the Indian Cityscape. It will create an outstandingly beautiful view of your dining table area.

However, you can also choose the cityscape paintings of other famous cities of the world.

Cityscape paintings of India, Vienna, China, Dubai, Budapest, and others are also the most famous cities around the world.


A well-painted cityscape artistic work is the best interior décor item that enhances the overall look and feel of the living room.

It creates a modern and contemporary look in your room.