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Make It Novel: 3 Unusual Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

When was the last time you gave your master bedroom a refresh? If you’re still rocking paint colors from 2001, your space is overdue for an upgrade. You don’t need to spend a fortune to rejuvenate your room as a few small changes can make a big impact.

Keep reading to find our list of bedroom wall decor ideas that are trending right now.

image- Make It Novel 3 Unusual Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas
Make It Novel 3 Unusual Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

1. Go Dark

Dark colors used to be a huge no-no in bedrooms. The old way of thinking was that colors like black or navy shrink your space. While this can be true if your bedroom is tiny, you can still successfully incorporate dark colors if you do it right.

You might not want to repaint every wall in a small bedroom with a dark color. Instead, consider adding a dark feature wall behind your bed.

You could also try painting your roof in a dark color. We recommend leaving the walls a bright white color for a statement-making contrast.

When done right, dark paint can make your space moody, dramatic, and sexy.

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2. Curate Your Own Art Gallery

Nothing will add a punch of pizzazz and personality to your room like a personally curated gallery wall. You can use almost any type of art or photograph to create your wall.

Think of things that you love when researching bedroom wall art ideas and incorporate those into your gallery.

If you’re a green thumb, include prints of flowers and plants in your design. If you love wildlife, find artsy prints of woodland creatures or forest images to spiff up your space.

If you’re crafty, spend a few days creating DIY wall decor. You’ll get a sense of pride in having your own art hanging up on your walls.

The key to doing a gallery wall right is tying every piece of art together with cohesive framing or colors.

For example, your frames could be all be black, white, or beige in color. The colors in your art pieces might all be in the same color family.

Remember, too, that less is more. Cluttered spaces can have negative physical and mental effects on your brain and body.

3. Be Loud and Proud

What better way to showcase your pride in your country, favorite sports team, or sexuality than through flag displays? There are countless ways you can use flags when decorating your walls.

Try framing your favorite flag and use it as your headboard. If you have several flags you’d like to display, order them in smaller sizes and frame them all. They can be used to create your own patriotic and proud gallery wall.

If you’re handy with a paintbrush, try painting your flag onto a wood canvas.

We recommend using a flag designer program to create your own template. These programs allow you creative control over your flag so you can be sure it matches the aesthetic of your room.

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas for a Unique Space

You don’t need to recreate the wheel when choosing which bedroom wall decor ideas to use in your room. Think of what mood you want your space to convey and go from there.

Keep reading our blogs for more home design tips and redecorating ideas.

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