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Decorate and Add Color to Apartment Walls Without Paint

Curious as to how to change wall color without painting? Well, we have some surprises for you! Learn how to add color to your apartment walls, paint-free.

Living in apartments can give you the best of both worlds. You have the independence of your own space without the stress of maintenance upkeep.

image - Decorate and Add Color to Apartment Walls Without Paint
Decorate and Add Color to Apartment Walls Without Paint

When it comes to personalizing your apartment, though, you have some limitations. Depending on the terms of your lease, it might not be possible to make significant decor changes.

Rental property managers tend to frown on anything that is a permanent change. This includes painting your walls. Lucky for you, this pesky little clause doesn’t have to stop you from adding some much-needed color to a room!

With these five tips, you’ll easily style your walls to match your personality and still get your deposit back when you move out.

1. Use Wall-Sized Art

In most apartments, you can put holes in the wall as long as you do so in a minimally damaging way. You’ll also need to patch those puncture marks before you can get your deposit back. So you want to put as few there as possible.

One way to do this without a lot of harm to repair is to use wall-sized Motiv-art. You can cover the empty, blank space almost completely while only making a few holes.

Artwork like a mural is an aesthetically pleasing way of showing off your style. A mural usually goes on a wall, but you can buy a canvas or decal to keep it from being invasive. This type of artwork is purposefully designed to bring harmony to space.

Tapestries take up about the same area as a mural, but you don’t affix them to the wall. You can drape them over furnishings, like bookcases. Tapestries are a traditional form of textile art in which threads are woven together on a loom.

Today, they often manufacture tapestries by machine. But the final product is still a cloth artwork that tells a story.

There are other ways to cover an entire wall, such as a big-screen TV or a framed poster. However, these are more difficult to hang without causing damage.

2. “Stick” With Removable Wallpaper

The idea that wallpaper is permanent and damaging is now obsolete. You can totally cover your walls with peel and stick paper and easily remove it when it’s time to move out.

Removable wallpaper is easier to hang than its traditional glue counterpart. It’s a lot less messy, so you can make this your next DIY project. Peel the layers apart and affix the sticky backing to the wall.

The temporary material has a low-tack adhesive that binds the paper to a surface. But when it is time to take it off, it pulls away without a trace. Regular wallpaper requires stripping with harsh chemicals. And removing it can damage walls and paint.

Once you pull the peel and stick off, though, you might have some residue left, like sticky glue. You can remove this with a bit of soap and water and some elbow grease.

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3. Cover Your Walls With Fabric

Tapestries are one way to use wall-sized art and cover your blank spaces. But you can use fabric in other ways, too.

Think of your wall as an empty window. You can cover it with fabric, similar to the way you’d hang blinds or curtains to block sunlight through the panes.

In fact, there is a whole home decor genre dedicated to using curtains to cover walls. You can set up curtains in the middle of a room as a divider or along the wall’s perimeter to add texture and color.

For an extra special finishing touch, string remote-controlled fairy lights along with the curtains.

4. Go With a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls make a visual impact in a room, especially a small area. By putting all the attention on one wall, the designer uses various thematic prints to show off a collection.

These groupings can be any set of items that all have a connection linking them. For instance, you can use family photographs or artwork with a consistent color theme. A single common element is all it takes to form an impressive display.

To create your gallery wall, choose which items you want to hang. Measure out the empty area and pick a design in which to place everything. Some people prefer symmetrical rows, while others use random spacing.

The way you hang your pictures is up to you. The critical part to be aware of is the measurements.

It’s a smart idea to make a space on the floor that is the same size as the canvas area on your wall you’re using. Then spread out your artwork in the pattern you think you’ll use when you hang your work.

You might have to edit and do some rearranging, which is easier to do before you put the nails in the wall.

5. Use Colorful Curtains or Blinds

Maybe covering the entire wall with a curtain or divider is not for you. If you have windows, though, you can use the same idea to make the room pop with color.

Today’s apartment dwellers have many options for window coverings. Once you decorate a room and have a theme, you can add accents with bright curtains and blinds that match it.

Fabric curtains come in all sorts of colors and designs. And blinds have evolved beyond the old-style versions with irritating strings to pull.

Find the curtains you want that complement the room’s style. Remember that the sun is going to fade most fabrics. To prevent this, put up solar-blocking panels first.


The days of being stuck with your walls the way they are just because you’re in an apartment are over.

From peel and stick wallpaper to personalized gallery walls, those blank spaces can turn into colorful style displays!

Author Bio:

image - Caitlin SinclairCaitlin Sinclair is the Business Manager at Riata Apartments. With over 5 years of property management experience, she begins and ends each day loving what she does. She finds joy in helping current and future residents and makes Riata a place everyone loves to call home.


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