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Matching Bedroom Colors with Bedroom Sets

Color makes all the difference inside your home, especially in your bedrooms. Whether you’re designing a tiny apartment bedroom or one with a skylight and double-height ceilings, color matters.

A limited color palette is a key component in creating a room that feels cohesive and unified, rather than pieced together or even matchy-matchy. In fact, color is one of the most important considerations when you’re planning to redesign a bedroom.

image - Matching Bedroom Colors with Bedroom Sets
Matching Bedroom Colors with Bedroom Sets

You’ll need to consider how neutral tones play into your style choices, whether cool or warm tones make more sense, how the colors of the surrounding surfaces interact with the furnishings, what role you want the texture to play in the space, and even how light and color saturation impact the atmosphere you create.


let’s consider the function of neutral colors in any interior design. In general, a room grounded by a neutral tone that is paired with two other colors will hold together well, regardless of how closely the furniture itself matches.

But when choosing a limited color palette for your bedroom, keep in mind that there are different neutrals. Think about how greys and browns play differently with wood tones, for instance.

If you choose a black-based neutral tone, you’ll likely want to look for painted furniture, rather than exposed wood stains. That said, if a hardwood floor is already providing a neutral tone for your space, you don’t need to match the wood stain exactly.

While you might think about maintaining consistency in red-toned woods, or especially dark or light ones, in general wood is a more forgiving neutral in terms of matching furnishings.

Unlike a painted neutral like a pale tan, selecting a wooden bedroom set can be a way to expand your options for wall or carpet color. Similarly, natural neutrals like leather offer the flexibility of pairing well with multiple other materials, colors, and tones.

Once you Establish your Neutral

Once you establish your neutral, you can pair it with two or three colors that you plan to maintain throughout the rest of the décor and furnishings. This might mean that you buy bedroom furniture sets online with coupon code options and base the rest of the color palette of the room around an affordable set, for instance.

It might mean that instead of repainting the walls, you build your colors from the existing paint. While you can pair cool and warm colors within a room, it’s often easier to opt for one or the other. While not impossible, finding and maintaining a balance between warm and cool colors within a bedroom, in particular, can be tricky.

This tends to be easiest with sleek, contemporary furnishings and bold colors that lean toward minimalist without much shade or tint variation. Picture a modern black-and-white room, for example.

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Factor in your location and the average temperatures of your external environment, too. In a drier, desert area, whites and cool tones will keep spaces from feeling like they are simply absorbing the heat from outside.

Whether or not you choose to limit your color palette this dramatically, however, it’s smart to consider how the texture will factor into your choices. The texture is a way to introduce variety without disrupting a color palette.

Especially with a limited number of colors, playing with different textures is a fantastic way to keep a room from feeling flat or too much like a curated showroom.

If you prefer simple, sleek lines in your bedroom set furniture, you have even more leeway to introduce a variety of textures with your bedding, carpet or rugs, curtains, and even wall finishes, not to mention additional décors like throw blankets and pillows.

How Light Plays Off These Textures and Colors Should Be a Significant

How light plays off these textures and colors should be a significant consideration, too. Sheer, billowing curtains will allow in more natural light and help prevent smaller spaces or rooms with a darker color palette from feeling overly small, shadowed, or cramped.

Bringing in lamps or swapping out warm and cool bulbs factors in, as well. Particularly when you do not want to replace everything within a room and are just looking to refresh your space with a new bedroom set, trying out new lighting arrangements will help the entire space feel new.

Keep in mind that certain colors are more soothing, while others encourage alertness. Generally, this has to do with saturation. Bold, bright color generates a certain atmosphere by calling attention to itself, while pastel tints are more subtle and fade into the background.

Also, the limited color palette “rule” is only a jumping-off point and not a rule at all. Depending on your aesthetic, you might want to liven up your bedroom with a more varied, eclectic collection of colors or combinations of various patterns.

While this approach can be incredibly successful, too, consider starting with the blank slate of a matched bedroom set and building up your riot of color from this foundation as a means of keeping the room grounded.

Whatever color direction you choose, just make sure you are making your selections based on your own preferences and vision for your bedroom, rather than because you think you are supposed to choose beige or grey.

Surrounding yourself with colors that you enjoy will help you feel comfortable and at home in your sleeping space, and the value of that feeling can’t be underestimated.

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