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How to Spark Joy Using Smart Wardrobe Solutions

If you’ve already watched Marie Kondo’s Netflix show, Tidying Up, then you probably know what we’re getting into.

Whether you’ve watched her show or simply snuggled with her book, you were probably in awe of the life-changing magic of tidying up.

image - How to Spark Joy Using Smart Wardrobe Solutions
How to Spark Joy Using Smart Wardrobe Solutions

Love it or hate it, the yearly ritual of decluttering is a necessary one. Oftentimes our wardrobes have a tendency to spill over the stuff, and it’s freeing to give away the things you no longer need or maximize your storage space.

Maximizing storage space in the home starts in the bedroom. We talk here about decluttering, organization, and simple storage.

But not without Marie Kondo. Her effect is widespread, and her vision inspired people worldwide to declutter their homes and embrace simplicity.

Marie Kondo’s method is a phenomenon that’s caught on, maybe because so many people live with so much. Some have too much, and some have none.

It’s aching and bothersome. Often, we go into our friend’s homes and see that they don’t even know what they own, let alone use it, simply because they can’t find it or see it.

So what’s the first step to a tidier and more organized home? An organized wardrobe, of course. Your wardrobe is a great place to start if you’re planning to declutter and organize your environment.

As Jordan Peterson always says: “Clean up your room! “My sense is that if you want to change the world, you start from yourself and work outward because you build your competence that way.”

So why not start with your wardrobe? There are plenty of spaces in your home that can be made more efficient with custom organizers.

We believe premium wardrobes and smart storage solutions are the gifts of a tidier and more organized living environment.

The more stuff that has a place and can be seen, the more organized home can become, and easier to keep it that way.

A well-organized space with everything in its place to be easily seen and accessed equals a more functional and easier to maintain a home.

Since we’re out and about wardrobes, that means we can maximize our space by incorporating various elements.

For instance, incorporating short hang options that stack on top of one another is one efficient way to maximize your space as you make twice as much hanging space in the space area which then allows more space in the wardrobe to incorporate other options like open shelving, for instance.

The truth about open shelving is that they’re not only cost-effective – they’re ideal for when you need to reach in wardrobes where everything is behind doors.

The Konmari Closet Solutions

If tidying your space really transforms your life, then the Marie Kondo method is what you need to tackle your overflowing wardrobe.

Infamous tidying professional Marie Kondo has already familiarized us with a famous decluttering system that focuses on whether or not your possessions “spark joy”.

The Konmari method simply shows us that we need to get better at using our current possessions – we believe this is the perfect time to tackle our overflowing wardrobe.

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But What Should I Keep and What to Immediately Send to The Charity Shop?

According to decluttering pro-Kate Ibbotson from A Tidy Mind, women wear 20 percent of their clothes 80 percent of the time.

The simplest way for you to get out of this never-ending cycle is to remove what you don’t wear. Getting organized is all about calm and wellbeing.

But where should I begin? Empty your wardrobe and then start categorizing your accessories and clothes by putting all your work clothes together, all your jeans together, and once you’re going through every category of clothing, you can compare them to similar things you’ve got.

Not wearing them anymore? There’s probably a reason that will stop you from doing so in the future – maybe it doesn’t look quite right, although it fits you, or you need to wear a belt with it, or it’s too low cut.

It pays to consider whether you will ever wear those jeans or whether it’s time to donate them to charity.

What Should I keep? Look inside your wardrobe and ask yourself: when was the last time I wore this jacket? Do I feel fantastic in it?

Or, does it suit my style? If the answer is no, then those accessories and clothes will just cloud your decision making whenever you open your wardrobe.

Consider the “Hanger Trick”

If you can decide which clothes to keep then employ the hanger trick. That means turning all of your stuff around the wrong way and shifting them the right way once you’ve dressed them.

Give yourself six months. If you haven’t touched them within six months, it might be time to part with them.

We often hold on to stuff because we feel guilty about getting rid of them when we’ve hardly worn them. Or maybe because they no longer fit.

However, being honest with yourself about whether you will wear it on a weekly / monthly basis is key.

Organize and Spark Joy

Once you’ve got rid of accessories and clothes, you no longer wear, put the rest back in an organized fashion. If you want to maximize your storage space, it can be helpful to box up or zip up clothes that you only wear on special occasions or out of season.

We recommend wardrobe storage solutions that you can close to prevent dusting or a similar product that can fit under the bed or on top of the wardrobe.

Storage is equally important for accessories, bags, and jewellery. Look to store everything within easy reach, on the floor of the wardrobe or on shelves inside the wardrobe.

If you want to repopulate your wardrobe with clothes, we suggest color-coding your clothes as far as possible and putting them back in categories.

Here hangers are imperative, and we recommend ditching chunky wooden hangers and as an alternative investing in space-saving, slim hangers that be brought from Ikea.

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