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Your Closest Environment: Renovating These 7 Aspects of Your Home Stands the Highest Chances of Making You Happier

Home renovations can increase property values, make spaces for comfortable, and add beauty. With these benefits in mind, every year, millions of homeowners reorganize their finances so they can make upgrades.

While some invest hundreds of thousands of dollars on improvements, others spend far less and still make a dramatic difference.

According to Chase Home Lending, a survey of customers revealed that 58% of homeowners spent less than $10,000 for refurbishment. The budget-conscious typically focus on upgrades that create the most happiness.

image - Renovating These 7 Aspects of Your Home Stands the Highest Chances of Making You Happier
Renovating These 7 Aspects of Your Home Stands the Highest Chances of Making You Happier

1. Kitchen Improvements Make a Huge Difference

“Kitchens sell houses” is a well-known phrase in the real estate business because kitchens are often the heart of homes. However, no matter how many new buyers love kitchens, appliances, and decorating styles eventually become outdated or worn.

A space that initially impressed owners can start to feel dreary and require remodeling. Owners who are considering making home renovations often begin by upgrading all or part of their kitchens.

Realtors universally rate kitchen enhancement as a ten on a “joy scale” of one to ten, with ten describing projects that bring the most happiness.

Depending on the type of improvements owners have in mind, costs typically range from a few thousand dollars to $100,000. The majority of people who renovate kitchens want to improve functionality.

They may need to replace worn out surfaces or materials. It is common for homeowners to pay for larger jobs by refinancing their homes or taking out home equity loans. Both methods offer long-term repayment options and low-interest rates.

Those staring smaller projects may take out personal loans with more straightforward requirements and shorter payback periods.

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2. Painting Rooms Creates a Happier Atmosphere

Real estate professionals give a complete interior paint job a 9.8 on the joy scale. Fresh paint makes rooms more attractive, boosts home values, and freshens spaces.

A recent Forbes article states that 88% of respondents in one study reported they enjoyed being home more after a complete interior paint job. More than 86% felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment when projects were finished.

In addition to creating a more beautiful home, painting has practical benefits that make owners happy. New paint covers ugly stains and can make cleaning easier. It will improve the quality of indoor air by covering years of dirt.

Today’s low- or no-VOC products cover older paints that contribute to respiratory problems and allergies. Just replacing dull colors with brighter ones has a positive impact on residents.

3. Replacement Windows Provide Several Benefits

Homeowners who replace old windows with vinyl windows are also happy with their decision.

According to Realtor Magazine, the low-maintenance, attractive replacements increase home livability and function. Modern vinyl windows also help make homes more energy-efficient, so they drive down utility costs.

Also, good-looking new windows enhance curb appeal and property values.

Adding vinyl windows also makes homeowners happy because the project offers an excellent return on investment. Construction professionals estimate that a $22,000 replacement window project can increase resale value by $16,000.

4. Shower Door Glass Treatments are Positive Enhancements

Adding a protective treatment to shower glass is a reasonably low-cost improvement that creates a lot of homeowner happiness. Customers often order coated glass when they are renovating bathrooms.

Standard glass is porous and can absorb soap scum and mineral deposits. Eventually, it becomes nearly impossible to get surfaces clean.

A glass-coating helps repel stains and makes it simple to clean shower doors. It takes 90% less time to clean coated glass. In most cases, owners can get shower doors sparkling just by wiping them with a microfiber cloth.

5. Renovating Closets Is a Mood Brightener

Upgraded closets also make homeowners happy. A real estate survey of consumers who had renovated closets found that over 86% reported a strong sense of accomplishment after upgrading closets.

Most felt the project improved their homes’ livability. Newly designed closets are better organized, making it easier for homeowners to start their days.

6. Basement Conversions Delight Homeowners

Turning unusable basements into living spaces rates high on the list of projects that provide happiness. Some homeowners are motivated to upgrade because they have moldy, damp basements.

During renovations, contractors repair problems that create these conditions, which results in a healthier home. For example, waterproofing a basement prevents mold growth.

A basement makeover also turns wasted areas into usable space. Owners often turn previously unusable areas into basement bars or rooms for loud hobbies like band practice.

Finished basements can become extra sleeping quarters or recreation centers. Wine collectors sometimes turn basements into wine cellars.

7. Small Details Can Have a Big Joy Factor

Although major upgrades like kitchen makeovers are some of the most satisfying projects, it doesn’t always take a lot of time, work, or money to create changes that increase homeowners’ joy.

For example, changing hardware to ensure it all matches brings a strong sense of satisfaction.

During DIY projects, homeowners generally focus on the area they are working with and choose door handles in styles that suit the room but do not match the rest of the house. Matching these elements makes all the difference.

Opting for screwless switch plates and outlets can result in more happiness. It is surprising how much more attractive these elements are when the screws are hidden.

Manufacturers sell versions that include smooth, pop-up covers that give these small items a finished look that is pleasing to the eye.

Pocket door hardware is another easy-to-upgrade feature that ups the happiness factor. Homeowners often install pocket doors to make smaller rooms seem more spacious.

However, when the doors are located in damp areas like bathrooms, hardware can suffer from corrosion, and changing it after the installation is time-consuming and difficult.

Homeowners who invest in high-quality door hardware are much happier with their projects.

Home improvements are widespread because they offer owners a way to add beauty, increase function, and boost property values. They can also make owners happier.

Those that produce the most satisfaction include kitchen and closet renovations. Homeowners also report being happier after completely repainting interiors, replacing windows with vinyl styles, and finishing basements.

Smaller changes like using screwless switch plates, matching door hardware, and upgrading pocket door hardware also make owners happy. Even adding a protective coating to shower doors increases satisfaction.

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