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Painting Kitchen Cabinets – Top Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

Painting cabinets that have become faded or old can improve the overall of your kitchen. It’s amazing how fresh paint for kitchen cupboards can transform the entire look.

However, most people think that painting them is a simple task which can be done easily at home.

image - Painting Kitchen Cabinets – Top Tips and Mistakes to Avoid
Painting Kitchen Cabinets – Top Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

Like any decorating or painting job, it is essential to give yourself enough time to prepare yourself thoroughly and complete the task.

Thankfully, some of the tips and tricks are available to help you create a beautiful kitchen. So, read on to find out.

With this, it is also essential to know the mistakes that need to be avoided, so we have covered them too only so you could decorate the kitchen of your dreams.

Tips for Painting the Cabinets

  • Remove All the Tape and Handles Around the Cupboards

Make sure to remove everything from the cabinet. By this, you can easily paint the cupboard without any obstacles coming your way.

Removing the knobs will make the painting process faster. It will also give you a smooth finish.

  • Use Tsp to Remove Grease

As time passes by, there are chances of getting grease on the cabinets. If you do not remove it, the paint will not get stuck to the surface and will come out.

All you need to do is apply a degreasing solution where a white spirit or sugar soap works well. Even professionals use a TSP solution to get rid of grease.

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  • Choosing the Right Paint

It is imperative to think about the paint’s finish while painting or you’ll come in a position to repaint it. It is better to go with satin and gloss options that will give a better look.

They last longer and look better than the matte ones. Make sure to be confident while choosing a color for your cabinet, as they are a vital part of any kitchen.

Mistakes to Avoid While Painting Cabinets

  • Not Having Enough Time to Complete the Task

When you consider painting the cabinet, you might fall into the trap of thinking that it will take less time. Well, you need to remember that its surface is not smoothing, so different sections might get dry at different rates.

You should have a time of 3-4 days if you want to restore your cabinets completely.

  • Choosing the Wrong Paint

Choosing the wrong one can either make or break the entire task. However, if you are painting for the first time, you might get confused.

So, which is the right one? Oil-based paint will give a smooth matte finish. However, it might take time to dry.

  • Working with Uneven Surfaces

Working on a smooth surface is the simplest way to get the best results. Now, the sanding comes in. It is better to sand in between every coat.

This will let the next coat properly get stuck to the surface. Sanding might not be a fun task to do, but it will stop your paint from peeling off quickly.

Are you considering upgrading your cabinets? Take on the tips and mistakes and start now!