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Millboard Quality Explained

It’s summertime and outdoor spaces are important to businesses and homeowners looking to fully experience the sights and scents of nature: open sky, trees, flowers, water, woods. Given the enormous choices of materials for an outdoor deck, patio, pool/hot tub surround, for example, it pays to research your options.

First, it’s a super-smart move to ask your friends, neighbors, and professional building contractors for material recommendations. It may surprise you when your recommendations seem to be for millboards.

But with more research of your own, you’ll soon discover why versatile millboards are so well-regarded for use in outdoor spaces.

Because it is durable, eco-friendly, and easy to maintain, millboard helps property owners best optimize the great outdoors as they create a long-lasting, charming place to unwind and have fun.

image - Millboard Quality Explained
Millboard Quality Explained

But what, exactly, is millboard? Millboard is a type of composite decking material that looks like real wood and holds up exquisitely over time, making it an increasingly popular choice for property owners looking for durable, yet inspired design material for their dream exterior space.

The best news is… without compromising the aesthetic of wood, millboard can transform virtually any outdoor space while easily outperforming the durability of traditional wood.

Let’s take a closer look at the top features that, put together, millboard’s quality.

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Looks Like, Yet Outperforms Wood

While millboard looks like authentic “real” wood, it is actually made from a wood-free resin mineral composite material.

It might surprise you to learn that each millboard is molded and colored by hand, making every board’s character distinct, just like that of real wood. Each millboard is stylish and realistic looking so it will look terrific for many years.

Further, millboard is molded from real oak and even looks like traditional oak. Its non-wood fillers and resin coating follow rigorous quality standards in the manufacturing process to produce an end product with far superior strength with less weight than standard wood.

If you love the look of wood, but don’t want the hassle, millboard is built to last, and using it for your outdoor project will certainly increase your property’s value.

The price point of millboard does typically come in higher than traditional wood, but it’s meant to last much longer. Up to 10 years longer than the average wooden deck!

Low-Maintenance Outdoor Flooring

image - Low-Maintenance Outdoor Flooring

Sit back and relax. If you’re looking for a deck or patio with the bare minimum of required maintenance, weigh the pros and cons of various options. Millboard might just be the perfect material to use for your exterior area project.

Outdoor surfaces are exposed to the wide temperature fluctuations Mother Nature can deliver over time. Millboard is a high-performance composite that’s called an “outdoor alternative to timber”.

In fact, in many ways, millboard is a better level of quality than timber because it won’t warp or fade, even with intensive use and under harsh weather conditions.

Because millboard is non-porous, any spilled food or beverages won’t penetrate the product, discolor, or be absorbed in the material, unlike timber. You’ll only need to clean millboard periodically with a brush and garden hose, no soap or cleaning product is necessary.

What’s more, no paint, sealant, or stain is ever needed to keep millboard flooring looking great year over year. Count on millboard to keep your beautiful place looking sharp for years to come.

It’s a common question in warmer climates if the millboard gets hot in the sun. Pretty much every material will retain heat when the temperatures rise, so yes, millboard will warm up in the summer months.

The good news is that if you are hoping to go barefoot you can simply hose off your deck for a minute to bring the temperature down without worrying about it getting slippery.

If you love outside flooring but don’t want to be bothered with frequent maintenance or upkeep, you’ll want to explore millboard. It becomes the most budget-friendly option over time.

Safety First: Slip Resistance and Splinter Free

Millboard’s non-slip properties – even in the pouring rain – make it a great fit for outside hardscapes, even in frequently wet areas. In this regard, it’s better than natural wood, which is known to become slippery when wet.

Millboard surfaces are non-porous, making the product resistant to algae growth and rotting, and it won’t harbor insects like wood can, like termites or carpenter ants.

These qualities eliminate more of the many downfalls of using natural timber.

It’s durable, scratch-resistant, and long-lasting so the millboard color you choose, and there is a wide variety of available color choices, will hold over time and not fade due to the sun or harsh outdoor elements.

You won’t need to worry about dragging your heavy picnic table around or if your kids ride their scooters on your millboard deck: it can handle it!

Plus, since millboard only looks like “real” wood, your guests can even walk barefoot on the surfaces without the unwanted surprise of getting unexpected splinters.

Quick and Easy Installation

Perfect for residential or commercial properties, it is not uncommon to find millboard used for an outdoor deck, patio, or terrace, a municipal boardwalk, a swimming pool/hot tub surround, or outdoor steps. It’s a “one and done” project.

For added flexibility, millboard can even be used in marine environments since saltwater will not corrode millboard decking in the same way that hardwood does. If you leave near the ocean millboard is absolutely the deck material you should be installing!

Millboard can swiftly breathe new life into more than outdoor flooring – it can also be used to create coordinating outdoor furniture or benches, even raised gardens or flower boxes.

This all-purpose material is bound to keep your outdoor lawn space looking nice for a long time!

Beautiful Appearance Adds Distinction

Millboard is available in many colors, textures, and finishes so you’re sure to find the right match for your creative vision, space, and ambiance requirements.

And because each piece of millboard is stain resistant you don’t have to worry that spilling your red white will ruin your deck forever. Just wipe it up and get back to your fun!

Because each batch of millboard is created by hand, there will be slight differences in its appearance.

This means even if your neighbor has the exact same color millboard deck as you, both decks will have their own personal style. (Even if they will both be of the same high quality!)


image - Millboard

Whether you’re a restaurant owner looking to create a tranquil outdoor dining area, a municipality looking to create a town boardwalk with a long lifespan, or a homeowner seeking an inviting backyard deck they don’t have to maintain, millboard is absolutely worth a closer look.

For a deck with quality that is unmatched, you will want to use millboard for sure.