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The Most Useful Tool for Sunbathing

Bright sun, warm weather, an exquisite sandy beach – we all love it. No holiday by the sea is complete without a beautiful golden tan. However, when not done right sunburn can create havoc.

The ultraviolet rays can have an extremely negative effect on the skin. It is, therefore, worthwhile to know how sunbath can make you stay healthy and sunbathing chair is the most useful tool for this.

For avoiding sunburns during sunbathing, there are just a few simple rules that you must follow.

image - The Most Useful Tool for Sunbathing
The Most Useful Tool for Sunbathing

To get that golden tint on your body, to look beautiful right from day one on the beach, you need more than the moisturizing and nourishing skin creams.

A good chair will always remain an essential element.

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Sunbathing Chairs Guide

Yes, a beach chair is a must – it keeps you relaxed and comfortable. After all, it’s one thing that should be the way you want it.

If you are looking to buy a chair for sunbathing, we will make sure you have the best one available.

Here’s how you can escape common mistakes people do while buying chairs for the perfect tan.

Selecting the Right Size

While taller or shorter chair designs have their benefits, the standard seat height varies between 8 to 12 inches. Irrespective of your height, it will be comfortable for you.

However, with chairs having low height, i.e. 8 inches or less, you can stretch out properly, whereas, with tall beach chairs, it is easy for you to get in and out of the chair.

You can also prefer an oversized chair to get more room.

Chair Frame

The chair frame material not only determines the durability but also makes you feel relaxed as you spend hours lying or sitting on it.

You will generally find four types of material for the chairs.

The chair frame that you should prefer depends on your usage and how often will you like to carry it along to a beach or somewhere else for sunbathing.


Chairs with this frame material are sturdy and yet lightweight. With this frame material, you need not worry about the weather-related issues like rust.

These chairs are often with the foldable option, and you can easily carry it anywhere. It remains the most popular outdoor chair material. These chairs are easy on the pocket too.

Recycled Plastic

These are the top choice today and come in a variety of style options as well. Resistance to weather, durability, and more, recycled plastic sunbathing chairs outclass all other options.

Contrary to popular belief, these come in all price ranges.


These will have a long outdoor life, and these days the powder-coated options are more in vogue.

These are excellent in strength, however a little vulnerable to weather elements. Prefer these for its own perks.


It is a material that is classy and never goes out of style. Generally, solid oak or ash hardwood is used coated with an oil finish or high-grade varnish.

These chairs are exceptional in looks and performance. Durability and weather resistance are top class too.

The style statement of these chairs is impressive; however, these do not offer the convenience of the movability and the cost is also on the higher side.

Features to Look for in Sunbathing Chairs

Your sunbathing chair should offer you comfort and convenience along with meeting your specific requirements if any.

  • Go for a folding chair with a shoulder strap, that will give you an easy to carry option.
  • The strap makes it accessible for you to move and works as a storage space as well.
  • Also, prefer chairs with towel bars and cup or bottle holders. With it, you can safely dry your towels or keep your drinks.
  • If there is a built-in shade for an umbrella or canopy, it is useful.
  • Lastly, multiple reclining positions in your chair are a must for maximum comfort.

Accessories that Go Well with Sunbathing Chairs

Mattresses and Cushions

If your chair comes as a mere frame, then mattresses and cushions are essential. These come in different colors and sizes. Prefer to ones that are easier to clean and wash.

Recliner Cover

You also have the option of recliner covers that are a must-have. It protects from harmful UV rays and other weather elements.


Here is another optional extra. It ensures that there is protection from the sun’s rays. It will let you relax even when the sun gets a little harsher.

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