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Moving in Perth, Should You Do It On Your Own?

Moving to a new place through Perth removalists will surely make the job a lot easier. Most of the back-breaking tasks — packing, lifting, loading, and unloading can be done by the movers.

All that is left is the labeling of boxes to make sure they are placed in the right room for easy unpacking.

image - Moving in Perth, Should You Do It On Your Own
Moving in Perth, Should You Do It On Your Own

Despite the obvious convenience, why do people still consider having a DIY move? A few or all of the reasons below can justify doing the move without professional help.

Cost Savings

The major reason for many to opt for a DIY move is cost savings. A new place requires down payments, mortgage, insurance, rent deposit, and renovation.

These can surely eat a chunk out of anyone’s savings. The actual transfer of furniture is one of the few options remaining to trim down expenses.

Professional move costs hundreds of dollars within Perth. This will all come out of your pocket. With a DIY move, the expenses are shared with friends or relatives who lent a trailer or some extra muscles.

On top of petrol, the only other expense left is a shared meal.

Complete Control

DIY moves offer almost full control. You get to dictate when and how the move will happen with little regard for anything else. You know the contents of every box and the care each need.

If you don’t feel confident moving in bad weather, you can reschedule it outright without any fuss.

With professionals, you are expected to abide by their policies. There are packing instructions and parking requirements at the least.

Professional movers provide insurance compensation for broken items. It may equal the monetary value but it can’t compensate for any personal attachment you may have with the item.

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Learning Experience

Moving DIY can be a learning activity too. Anyone who got through it can argue that it should be tried at least once in life.

Each step, planning, coordinating, packing, lifting, loading/unloading, and the final unboxing can all give nuggets of experience. The packing of sentimental items, struggles, and the emotional ups and downs add to personal maturity.

Bond with Friends

Being helped by friends move from one apartment to another can be a great opportunity to bond. They get to know you better through the staff that received special care and attention.

After an afternoon of heavy lifting, you share a bottle of wine or two to cap a fun-filled day. You should return the favor when it’s their time to move.

This list of DIY benefits is not all there is to it. You may have more personal reasons why you think it’s worthwhile to move on your own. It can be for physical exercise or as content for the blog you’re making.

We have seen the top reasons why you don’t need removalists. Let us now look at the times when you should give them a call.

Moving with Children

If the move involves kids, you should definitely hire removalists. Any savings or other DIY benefits you may have considered is just not worth it.

The change of address is difficult enough for young ones. Having them help in the actual transfer exposes them to more stress.

Any potential accidents with children should be red flags on their own. Any muscle sores later mean less time attending to their needs.

However, you can require them to pack their personal things. This can help teach them how to be responsible for what they own.

High Volume Of Furniture

DIY move is practical if we are looking at a room’s worth of furniture. Second thoughts kick in with two rooms. Beyond that, call the truckers.

The time and logistics involved are beyond the simple friendly favors. Too Much Favour

Asking friends to help you move may be fun and sweet the first time. Asking them for a second or third time is just too much.

This can strain rather than improve your relationship with them. They have plans of their own and it’s not centered on you. After the help with the first move, you should be thinking of how to return the favor instead.

Reduced Learning Opportunity

Completing your first DIY move without a fuss doesn’t mean you should do it again. You have gained the basic skill by then.

A deeper knowledge of the job through more experience is not necessary unless you have plans to be a professional mover.

Time Constraints

Not everyone has the time to personally handle the move. Demands of work and other obligations can severely limit the time you can spare for packing and lifting.

Sometimes you just need to get the move done quickly with the least disturbance to your schedule. Removalists can do the job efficiently, fast, and hassle-free.

Physical Limitations

You may not have the physical strength to do the lifting. Your best friend or boyfriend may not have it too. Moving a sofa down the stairs is not a one-man task.

Even inclining it to fit an elevator will require brute strength. There may be obstacles in your old and new place that make simple trolleys not enough to move heavy objects.

Removalists can provide needed manpower and tools. This ensures your belongings and apartment don’t get damaged in the process.

Storage Needs

Your new place is not always ready to accept the furniture from your old apartment. Removalists know this, that’s why they offer temporary storage facilities. You can store them there for a fee.

Fragile Items

Friends don’t have the training and experience in moving fragile objects. You can expect them to give extra care but they cannot anticipate all potential problems.

Accidents can result in unwanted tensions and you don’t want that to happen. Movers, on the other hand, have the skills to adjust to every condition for the safe transfer of your delicate pieces.

There are many other concerns you may have to want to hire professionals. Talk to your removalist and see how they can be addressed.