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Electric Lawn Mower: How to Choose One

An electric lawnmower is one of the most convenient tools to have in your possession when you own a garden. It allows you to cut grass quickly and maintain a beautiful lawn with less effort on your part.

These days, there are many options to choose from, so here are the most important aspects for you to look into.

image - Electric Lawn Mower: How to Choose One
Electric Lawn Mower: How to Choose One

Consider the Following Features

Whether you decided to purchase an electric riding lawn mower or a mower of a different type, there are several features that you should pay attention to.

Depending on your needs and the size of your lawn, you can find an appropriate machine.

What Is the Power Rating?

If you have a corded lawn mower on your mind, you should first see how powerful it is. This is an important factor to consider as you want it to work on the entire lawn surface.

The power is measured in watts and if you have an area of 300 square meters and under, the power rating should be up to 1300 W. In the case of larger areas, you can go for up to 1800 W.

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Battery Life

A machine with extended battery life is essential for larger territories, as you don’t want to recharge in the middle of your work.

A powerful battery allows you to mow effectively and for a long time, so you should look into higher numbers when it comes to its voltage.

For smaller lawns, you can get away with an 18V battery. However, if you have a large territory of 300 square meters and more, it is better to choose a mower with a 36V battery.

Which Cutting Height Can You Get?

Some people like their lawns to be as short as possible while others prefer to leave grass longer. Before you buy a lawnmower, you should consider what cutting height you can achieve with it.

The general range is between 30 mm and 60 mm with about 30-35 mm being a standard height that works for most lawns.

If you like your lawn to be shorter for any reason, you can find a mower with a cutting height of 20 mm. The majority of modern electric mowers offer several settings but you should always find out what the minimum one is.

Lawn Mower Cutting Width

image - Lawn Mower Cutting Width

Each lawnmower has a certain cutting width that you should choose based on how large your lawn is. If you have a territory of less than 300 square meters, a cutting width of up to 45 cm may be enough for you.

But if your lawn measures more, it is better to choose an option with a cutting width of 50 cm and over. In this case, you won’t have to move around as much.


Another characteristic to consider is weight. Electric lawnmowers can weigh between 5 and 15 kg. It’s always better to choose the lightest option you can afford for obvious reasons.

If you go for a riding lawn mower, the weight won’t be a problem and the process will become less strenuous.

Grass Collector

While not the most important feature, a proper grass box can make your job easier. There are options made of fabric and plastic, which are both quite effective.

Some models of lawnmowers come with larger grass boxes while others are not as big. A garden with a lawn of over 300 square meters will likely need a 50-liter grass collector or more.

With a smaller lawn, you can get away with a 30 or 40-liter box.

Handlebar Options

Handlebars are essential when you choose your machine. They can add to your comfort or make it more difficult to use a lawnmower.

Most models out there come with handlebars that can be adjusted to the appropriate height. This is great news, as it allows you to feel relaxed while working and not strain your back.

Also, some models offer removable handlebars that make it easier to store your lawnmower if you have limited space.

Effective Lawn Mower Makes Your Life Easier

By looking at the mentioned characteristics of an electric lawnmower, you can make a better decision. It’s possible to find models with different batteries, cutting height, power rating, and more.

The choice should depend on your particular needs, the size of your lawn, and how much effort you want to put into it.

Do you currently use a lawnmower? If so, which one? Share your thoughts on this topic with us in the comments.