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Choose the Best Mower for Your Lawn with This Simple Guide

A well-catered Lawn is everyone’s desire. It is attractive and adds to the aesthetic value of your landscape. But achieving a well-maintained lawn is no mean fete. It requires thorough care to bring it to the standard you want. One of the ways you can achieve this is by using the best tools on your lawn.

Choose the Best Mower for Your Lawn with This Simple Guide

How to Choose the Best Mower for Your Lawn
How to Choose the Best Mower for Your Lawn

The main tools that everyone must consider for that perfect lawn are the Lawn Mower for that perfect trim, a lawn dethatcher to remove thatch from your lawn, and the common tools necessary for feed application. They not only make your lawn beautiful but also makes it easier for you to effectively cater to your landscape. But how do you get the best tool for your lawn? Your lawn mowing tools should be at their optimum performance to give desirable results.

Let’s look at the simple guidelines that will help you choose the best mower for your lawn.

Qualities to Consider

For starters, you do not have to break the bank to get a lawn mower that gives that perfect trim. There are several dealers who provide lawn mowers as pocket-friendly rates. The tools are built in different attributes and have different handling techniques. Depending on your preference and budget you can go for the more stylish designs or settle for the more common ones.

Quality matters. Go for well-known brands and settle for a tool that will provide you with satisfactory service. To choose the best tool to ensure that the lawn mower meets the highest standards in the following areas:

  1. Efficiency in Performance

Not only should your lawn mower be efficient, it should also help you effectively maintain your landscape. Some are electrically powered while others are powered manually. Choose one that will allow you to cover a vast area and give an attractive trim while saving on time.

A good tool is one that does not break down often. A good brand should give you a guarantee of durability so that you are satisfied that with proper service your lawn mower will not suffer unnecessary breakdowns.

  1. Safety Of Use

You don’t want tools that put you at risk of injury. A good lawn mower should have its parts properly and firmly fixed before use to minimize the danger of accidents. Choose a lawn mower whose handle is well padded for your comfort. The blade should be firmly attached so that it does not fly all over when in use.

  1. Size of the Tool Compared to Area to Be Covered

A good lawn mower is one whose dimensions match the area you intend to cover with it. Smaller mowers will cover a small area while for vast areas a much bigger tool should be considered. Lawn mowers are built in different proportions and the cutting size is built in two main dimensions. The height and width of the mower.

Consider the height adjustment options available on the lawn mower you wish to purchase.

  1. Ease of Maintenance

Choose a lawn mower whose cost of maintenance is affordable. A durable tool will save you a lot of money since it will not break down often. Choose a brand whose durability is not in question. It is recommended that you frequently service your mower and fix and replace any parts that are lost or wear off.

The most important part of your mower is the cutting system. Your lawn mower blade determines how clean your grass is cut and how long it takes you to mow your lawn. It is essential that you get your cutting system right for efficiency in mowing.

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The Cutting Systems for Lawn Mowers

There are different types of cutting systems for lawn mowers.

  1. Reel Lawn Mower

This type of cutter is located at the front of the mower with between five to twelve blades exposed. The blades rotate slicing and trapping grass plants in the front grass box while in action. It has a fixed bottom plate against which the blades rotate. As the number of blades is increased the mower offers a better and perfect trim.

It is not suitable for cutting long grass and therefore it might force you to increase the number of times you work on your lawn in a week. It is best suited to cut short grass and offers a perfect trim when the cut is low.

  1. Rotary Lawn Mower

This other type of cutter has the blades located underneath the mower. It works by rotating the blade at a very high speed to cut the grass and move it to the grass box located at the rear end. It is best suited to cut medium to high grass and can be used to work on a vast area when attached on tractors.

  1. Hover Mower

The final type is the hover mower which is similar to rotary mowers but without wheels. It is more popular for domestic use as you operate it by hand and can power it yourself.

Lawn Mower Blade

You need a lawn mower blade that is sharp. A dull blade poorly cuts grass plants making their recovery difficult and increases your mowing time. It is recommended that you sharpen your blade twice each season to help you maintain a neat, healthy lawn.

You should also consider the lawn blade size. It will all depend on what your machine needs are and what is needed in case you need to replace a lawn mower blade. Determine the shape and number of blade holes as you purchase your machine and define the ease with which you can get a replacement. Match the blade to your tool. The easiest way to do this is by reading the user manual that comes with the mower.

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Lawn Mower Blade Types

Lawn mower blades come in different shapes and sizes which you should match to your machine. Some of the common types are:

  • The Reel Blade
  • The High-Lift Blade
  • The Low-Lift Blade
  • The Mulching Blade
  • The 3-in-1 Blade


It is possible to get a good lawn mower / best mower that gives your grass that perfect trim without forcing you to dig deeper into your pockets. Considering the qualities discussed above, you can never go wrong. Pay more attention to the features of your machine, the specifications, and determine if the tool will meet your mowing needs.

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  • Whether you have the small or big lawn, you will definitely need a lawn mower. There are wide selections of lawn mower to choose from. There are walk-behind self-propelled mowers, gas push mowers, lawn tractors, garden tractors, riding mowers and the walk-behind electric mowers.

  • If you have a small lawn, perhaps an electric lawn mower would be ideal. In this case you would not have to worry about storing gas or probably the biggest problem that most gas mower owners face – starting the mower. No start-up problems with an electric, so long as it is plugged in, it will work just fine. There are even cordless electric lawn mowers and with the higher battery voltages available today (36 volts), they now have the power to cut as well as a gas mower.