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How To Select The Perfect Mower For Your Needs

How To Select The Perfect Mower For Your Needs — A nicely mowed yard looks great and also reflects the value of your investment.

However, choosing the right mower for the job can be a lot more complicated than it sounds. You don’t want to waste hard earned cash on a machine that is just overkill, but you also don’t want to end up with a mower that is just not up to the task.

How To Select The Perfect Mower For Your Needs

IMG - How To Select The Perfect Mower For Your Needs
How To Select The Perfect Mower For Your Needs

The Options Available

If you’re not the most knowledgeable about mowers, don’t worry, we will give you a quick run through.

  • Reed Mowers: These are the most basic of machines, They have no engine, just a set of blades that spin as they are pushed.
  • Electric Mowers: These can be battery powered or require a cable. The benefits are that they are simple to start and operate, however, they often lack the power of gas models.
  • Gas Mowers: These have more grunt for tough weeds and high grass. Both push and self-propelled models are available.
  • Ride On Mowers: These are the big boys that can quickly mow large areas. However, they are a lot more expensive and can be difficult to maneuver in tight areas

Right, you now know the different types of mowers, but do you know yourself and your property? Let’s look at the key factors that should be considered when making your selection.

Paddock Or Notebook

Possibly the number one thing to consider is the size of the area you need to mow. An ocean of grass really requires a ride-on machine. This will save you a LOT of time and prevent a jungle from forming. You will find that the initial expense of getting one will be offset by the long term benefits of such an investment.

If you only have a coin-sized yard, then it’s silly to spend money on a powerful machine. An electric or gas push mower will easily do the job. Better yet, just use a manual reel mower. They can easily manage small patches without hassle, as well as being low maintenance and good for the environment.

Physical Fitness

Now, not everyone is a fitness freak who wants to mow up and down hills with a motorless reel mower. You really do need to consider your physical ability.

If you’re older or have an injury, why make things harder for yourself? Take push mowers off the table, instead get something with a drivetrain. If you can afford it, a ride on mower is even better. Don’t risk your health and safety over some grass.

On the other hand, if you’re fit, healthy, and motivated, don’t be afraid of some hard work. An electric or gas push mower will be fine for small to medium yards, and even a reel mower can be formidable in the right hands.

What’s Your Time Really Worth?

You want to consider how much value you place on your free time and family time. This is especially important if you have a vast lawn to maintain.

Do you really want to spend hours and hours mowing on weekends when you could be doing much more rewarding activities? If not, you really want to consider a ride-on mower, or at the very least a powerful self-propelled gas mower. This may cost you more, but what is your time really worth?

Don’t Forget Your Bank Account

Everyone’s financial priorities are different. Some may consider it foolish to spend thousands on a mower, while others may consider it a worthy investment. You need to work out how much YOU want to spend. We have some ballpark prices to show you:

  • Reed Mower: $50-$100
  • Basic Gas Or Electric Mower: $200-$600
  • Self Propelled Gas Mower: $400-$1000
  • Ride On Mower: $2,000-$15,000

Now, these are approximate prices for NEW machines. You can easily pay a fraction of these by purchasing something second hand. Don’t be scared, used models can still run extremely efficiently, especially if they have been well looked after.

Your best option is to do some research online. Have a look at the different brands and models available in your area. Compare the different prices to work out what’s best for you.

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Find The Ultimate Machine

Good luck with selecting the perfect mower. Remember, a well-mowed lawn gives a great first impression of your property, and let’s face it, first impressions count, a lot. Don’t let such a simple thing like overgrown grass devalue your investment. Find the best riding lawn mower for you. Our top 2017 picks.

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