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Corded vs. Cordless Lawn Mower: Which is Better?

Overgrowing lawn grass marring the beauty of your house? It’s time you cut it. But doesn’t it sound like a headache? It isn’t, really.

To cut the grass evenly and quickly, people nowadays opt for lawn mowers. Lawn mowers are machines that cut grass evenly and give pristine beauty to your garden.

image - Corded vs. Cordless Lawn Mower Which is Better
Corded vs. Cordless Lawn Mower Which is Better

Due to their efficiency and cost-effectiveness, there has been a surge in the popularity of electric lawn mowers. Electric lawn mowers come in two types – corded and cordless.

But which one should you go for? Let’s compare both of them to answer that question.


We are living in the era of cool and light things. Less is more for every piece of equipment or gadget today, including lawnmowers. When we compare lawn mowers, weight is a crucial parameter you should be careful about.

Corded lawn mowers are lighter than cordless lawnmowers. Cordless lawn mowers have a heavy battery installed along with some technical parts that increase their weight significantly.

Lighter lawn mowers help you to move more quickly and swiftly through obstacles. Lighter lawnmowers also mean lesser power consumption, and hence a long life for your equipment.

Run time

Everybody wants their lawnmower to run continuously for long hours. Disruptions lead to non-efficient work. As an owner, you need to get your grass-cutting done in a definite time, and less lawnmower run-time is not ideal.

Corded lawn mowers have an infinite run-time. As they are connected to the power supply, corded lawnmowers can work as long as power is connected. Cordless lawn mowers, on the contrary, can work for 60-90 minutes only.

Due to its infinite run time, you can use a corded lawn mower for as long as you want. But, this is impossible with a cordless lawnmower.

Due to its limited run-time, you cannot cut your grass after the battery is discharged, and you have to wait while the lawnmower gets charged again.

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Distance Covered

Lawns expand over a large area, and to cut the grass in a large area, you need lawnmowers that can cover it well. When you are considering buying a lawnmower, you must keep your lawn-size in mind to make the best choice.

Cordless lawn mowers can cover more distance. Due to their remote nature, you can take the cordless lawn mower anywhere on the lawn.

Corded lawn mowers, on the other hand, do suffer a disadvantage in this aspect. As they have a cord attached to them, it is impossible to move your lawnmower to a significantly large distance.

However, wire extensions can increase their range.

Corded lawn mowers can be used for medium-sized lawns, but if you have a big lawn, going for a cordless lawn mower is a wise move.


Your lawn mowers will need occasional maintenance. However, some machines require less upkeep as compared to others. Before buying any product, you must look at the amount of care it needs.

Corded lawn mowers require a lesser amount of maintenance as compare to their cordless counterparts.

Apart from changing the lawn mowers’ blades, which is typical for every lawnmower, there is nothing more that needs to be done to maintain corded lawnmowers. On the other hand, cordless lawn mowers do have some battery fixes and changes in components due regularly.

Lower maintenance cost makes corded lawnmowers more feasible for most working people who have less time. But you may always opt for cordless ones if you don’t mind a little repair and polishing every so often.

Cleaning Uneven Lawns

Your lawn might not be smooth-textured. The uneven nature of your lawn is a factor playing a significant role in your decision to buy a lawnmower.

Corded lawn mowers are the best choice for uneven lawns. Due to their possibly infinite power supply, you can maneuver better with corded lawn mowers in an uneven yard.

Corded lawn mowers hold an edge of being lightweight and less complicated in terms of the build as well. These features will come in handy on your uneven lawn.

However, cordless lawn mowers are perfect for lawns that don’t have a rough texture or uneven surface. Being complicated and heavier, they should only be utilized for flatter lawns.


Corded lawn mowers clearly win on several grounds. Their lightweight nature and performance aspects suit most gardeners. However, if you still think cordless lawn mowers fit your requirements better, there’s no reason you can’t go for them.

Keep an eye on the points mentioned above before you buy any lawn mower. Do comment on your own experience or suggestions regarding corded or cordless lawn mowers below.

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