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Outdoor Furniture DIY: 4 Tips and Tricks

Beautifying your patio, garden, or deck can make the space feel more welcoming and relaxing.  Adding some outdoor furniture can also help determine the function of each space.

image - Outdoor Furniture DIY: 4 Tips and Tricks
Outdoor Furniture DIY: 4 Tips and Tricks

One of the best ways to fit furniture in your outdoor area is through a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. However, it can be a little tricky especially if this is your first attempt.

To save you from trouble, here are four useful tips and tricks for outdoor furniture DIY.

Choose the Right Materials

The first step in creating your own outdoor furniture is choosing the right materials.

Furniture placed in open areas is prone to moisture and dust. Therefore, using durable and weatherproof materials is a must to make sure your furniture will last.

There are several building materials to choose from when it comes to crafting the best outdoor furniture. Some of these are the following:


Wood is one of the easiest to find and work with. It’s widely available and easy to cut, design, and assemble to your liking. Plus, it’s perfect for adding some warmth and coziness to your outdoor living space.

There are various types of wood you can use depending on the look you’re going for. Just make sure the type you’re using is treated since you are going to place them in an open and uncovered space.

Using treated wood ensures the durability of your furniture. Aside from added protection from the harsh weather conditions, it also prevents infestation of termites and other insects that commonly destroy this material.

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Steel is another durable material option for outdoor furniture. It’s perfect for tables, benches, and also works well as a frame for a sofa. It can also be used with other materials like wood and concrete.

Although steel is already a very strong material, applying multiple coats of waterproof paint can add up to its longevity.

This will create a protective layer, preventing liquids and moisture from penetrating the steel.

If you’re going for a rustic and modern vibe, steel is a great choice. However, it requires skills in steelworks, making it the least beginner-friendly material for a DIY project.


Concrete is not only a tough material for building and flooring, but also great for tabletops and counters, and benches. Its stone-like textures make it a perfect fit for a hangout area in your garden.

The easiest DIY furniture you can create with concrete is an outdoor bench. With some cinder blocks and lumbers, you can build a comfy sitting area on your patio within a day.

Identify Your Needs

Planning your outdoor space according to your needs is essential in identifying which furniture fits best for your space. You have to determine the activities you wish to do in each area.

Whether you’re creating an outdoor kitchen, dining, or lounge area, is a key factor in selecting the necessary furnishings.

For outdoor kitchen and dining, you have to double up on waterproofing, since the tabletops are more prone to liquid spills and stains.

You may also create some multifunctional furniture to save up space, such as a prep area that doubles as a dining table.

Furniture for lounge areas, on the other hand, are more flexible and easier to plan.

You can create simple benches using lumbers, or a built-in concrete sofa. You just need to add some cushions, pillows, and blankies to make the space cozy.

Tastefully Design the Furniture Pieces

Designing and creating the best furniture for your outdoor area should also cater to your needs.

Aside from having some aesthetically pleasing pieces, you have to consider their functionality, ease in cleaning and maintenance as well as convenience and comfortability when you use them.

Tastefully Design the Furniture Pieces

In designing furniture, you may first create a rough sketch. The materials, textures, and colors depend on the overall aesthetic that you’re aiming for.

Then, determine its size, height, and make changes to the details along the way depending on your preference. DIY furniture as a project requires patience when it comes to planning and designing, no matter how simple it is.

However, to make it a little bit easier, you may also find online DIY furniture plans that are straightforward to follow and that you can tweak for some personal touch.

Measure the Outdoor Space

Knowing how much space you have will determine the sizes of the furniture you’ll need and can accommodate.

The great thing about DIY furniture is you can customize it depending on the space you have.

You can avoid cramming up store-bought bulky furniture that could make the area look smaller, or small furniture pieces that make it look disorganized.

If you plan to keep the design of your outdoor space for quite a long time, you may also consider creating built-in furniture that perfectly sits in place.

Once you’ve measured the area accurately, and planned out your designs, you can now gather your materials and tools to start this fun project.


Whether this is your first DIY project, or this has become your hobby, creating furniture for outdoor spaces can be challenging.

Regardless of how tedious it can be, seeing your own project displayed in the outdoors is something you’ll surely be proud of.

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