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5 Places People Forget to Clean: A Cleaning Checklist

A 2018 survey found that most Americans spend about six to seven hours tidying up their homes.

But while spending time on your cleaning checklist, it’s easy to forget about important areas in your home.

Some spots don’t need to get cleaned frequently, and others might not cross your mind at all. So how can you remember what needs to get cleaned?

image - 5 Places People Forget to Clean A Cleaning Checklist
5 Places People Forget to Clean A Cleaning Checklist

In this article, you’ll find five places you might not be cleaning as often as you should. Keep this list handy to keep your home sparkling!

1. Microwave

As you’re working through your house cleaning checklist, consider paying some attention to your microwave.

It’s convenient for quick meals and late-night snacks. But all that use leads to some messes inside!

If you take a closer look within your microwave, you’ll see little splatters of who-knows-what. Every time you use it, you’re just cooking those spills with your food!

The solution is to start wiping down the inside. If you use it often, do it weekly. But, if you don’t use it much, a monthly basis will work.

2. Carpet

For most people, vacuuming is part of their daily cleaning checklist. But did you know you have to do better to get a deeper clean? Carpets withstand a lot of dirt and debris, so you need to go beyond a vacuum.

You can purchase a carpet cleaning machine to do the job yourself. If you’d rather leave it to the professionals, look into carpet cleaning services.

3. Light Switches

How many light switches are inside your home? You might lose count if you tried to find out. Now think about this – how often do you touch them, and how often are they cleaned?

Over time, from so much touching, bacteria start to build up. That’s why you need to remember to disinfect them as part of your cleaning checklist. Doing so once a week should take care of them.

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4. Cleaning Supplies

You might not think about it often, but cleaning supplies are covered with bacteria and grime. As you repeatedly use them, you spread that nasty stuff around!

When it’s time to break out your spring cleaning checklist, be sure to add your supplies to it.

Items like brooms, brushes, and dusters should be cleaned or disinfected. For more soiled items, like mop heads or sponges, you should replace them.

5. Under the Sink

When was the last time you cleaned out underneath the bathroom sink? That space is usually cluttered, and a perfect spot for bacteria growth.

To combat it, be sure to add this area to your bathroom cleaning checklist! Spend time removing everything that is stored there, and discard old or leaking products.

When everything’s removed, wipe down the surface. This will take care of messes and bacteria.

When you’re ready to put everything back under there, it should look much more organized!

Take Another Look at Your Cleaning Checklist

When it’s time to tidy up around the house, you should read over your cleaning checklist one more time.

Are you cleaning all the areas you need to? Is there anything you’re missing?

Keep this article handy, so you always remember what else needs to get cleaned!

For more cleaning guides and resources, check out some other articles on our website. With our help, you’ll have a happy home!

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