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Planning & Designing your Garden Office Room: 10 Tips

With working from home becoming something normal and understandable for the vast majority of people, it can be challenging to separate work life and home.

Anyhow, no matter if you need more space for a job, study, work, exercise, or play – garden rooms in Essex are an ideal solution.

image - Planning & Designing your Garden Office Room: 10 Tips
Planning & Designing your Garden Office Room: 10 Tips

That’s why we have pulled together a list of 10 ideas and tips to fire up your imagination and help you to make the most out of that empty space in your garden.

10 Tips to Follow When Planning & Designing your Garden Office

1. Teeny Tiny Garden Office Ideas

Although it might look impossible, even small gardens can easily accommodate a garden office room. As a matter of fact, they don’t have to be expensive or bespoke either.

There are hundreds of small garden office rooms out there specifically created for this purpose! You can have something simple yet amazing without breaking your bank account.

2. Adaptable/Multifunctional Garden Office

If you have enough of the space, you might want to consider a garden gym room that is large enough to use for other purposes once the training or working day is over. You can use it as your needs and activities change as well!

3. Think About the Style of Exterior

If you are into modern interiors and would like to create a garden office room extension that seamlessly complements the rest of your home, then you can go for a design that has a bold architectural look.

4. Consider the Upkeep

How much time you are going to need to keep your garden office in a good shape depends on the materials you choose for it.

If the materials require ongoing care like staining or painting, you will need an additional budget for products and time. You can quickly learn the advantages of grow lights in your indoor garden. They require very little upkeep and bring the full spectrum of the sun indoors so your garden thrives.

5. Secure your Belongings

Expensive equipment, computers, and other belongings in your building should be properly secured – whether it is outdoor security cameras, windows with multi-point locking, and others in between.

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6. A Roof Overhang and Verandah

A small garden office design that features these two is not only beautiful but also very useful.

7. Decide on the Decor

You are going to spend a lot of time within the four walls of your new garden office room. Plywood looks contemporary and fuss-free, while timber looks appealing and warm.

Depending on your needs and supplier, your interior can include plasterboard walls, paneling, other boards, and so on.

8. Adding a Path

You will need to plan a walkway to your new building to avoid bringing grass and other stuff in while you are on your way.

9. Focus on Creating a Harmonious Feel

Your new garden office needs to be sympathetic to the style of your home and your garden.

10. Build for Two or More

Last but not least. If you are going to share a garden office room, it’s worth going for an office that fits two or more of you comfortably.