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Plant Your Own Garden and Decorate Your Own Soul

Rather than waiting for someone to present you with flowers, plant your own garden and decorate your own soul – is a relationship quote by Veronica A. Shoffstall.

The quote simply implies that when one is in a relationship, try doing more for yourself, rather than focusing all attention on your significant other.

Plant Your Own Garden and Decorate Your Own Soul - gardening is good for the soul
Plant Your Own Garden and Decorate Your Own Soul

Plant Your Own Garden and Decorate Your Own Soul

The quote has a deeper meaning. So, why plant your own garden? Does a garden benefit your soul? Yes, it does. Some people find solace in tending their gardens.

Through gardening, you get to meditate and enjoy nature. Gardening has proven to have positive therapeutic effects.

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Below Are Ways Through Which Gardening Decorates Your Soul;

  • While working in the garden, you get to enjoy the sunlight and interact with nature. The scents from flowers and the sight of plants keep your endorphins going. Thus, gardens bring out a positive feeling of vitality, self-satisfaction, and gratitude.
  • Gardening is a connection between us and other living things. As you tend to your garden, you will realize that life doesn’t revolve around human beings. Usually, self-absorption leads to depression. Focusing on outdoor activities helps one become less insular.
  • A research conducted in 2003, showed that those in mental units, group gardening proved beneficial to most. It is because gardening focuses on collective skills as well as aspirations, unlike individual symptoms.
  • Gardeners develop self-satisfaction by observing the transformation in their gardens. They get to enjoy the fruits of their hard work. Watching the plants grow, and the trees getting healthy, and seeing the garden become beautiful satisfies the owner.
  • Through gardening, you are honoring the earth. Usually, fruits, vegetables, or trees you grow in the garden have tremendous benefits to mother earth. Also, they benefit fellow human beings.
  • Activities such as digging, planting, pruning, engage your senses. Therefore, it brings about mindfulness, whose definition is the ability to be wholly present in an activity. Thus, when you plant water, weed, or even harvest, almost all senses are engaged.
  • It is common for someone to ask you to smell a rose. Sometimes we are caught up in the crisis of our lives that we fail to pause and enjoy nature. Gardening will enable you to appreciate other aspects of life.

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  • Your life is similar to a garden. Once in a while, you have to weed your garden, which is similar to your brain. You need to weed out negative thoughts, which are the weeds in your life.
  • While gardening, you might tend to think more of loved ones. For instance, while in the garden and you come across a butterfly, you might think of your child.

Coming across a flower might make you think of your spouse or other family members.

  • Gardening can help you interact with others. For instance, you can pluck a flower, harvest fruits or vegetables, and gift someone. This random act of kindness will bring you closer to others, which might satisfy your soul.
  • If you are seeking some alone-time, a garden is a perfect alternative. You can meditate when you continue with other gardening activities, after which you remain calm and collected.
  • Researchers have proven that gardening I an effective way to relieve stress. Through gardening, we get close to nature, which may be relaxing.

Also, activities you engage in while in the garden may improve your mood, while preventing conditions such as anxiety or depression. You can do this better when you have a white cantilever umbrella in your garden.

  • Nowadays, almost all of us are stuck in an office, after which we remain in our houses. Gardening needs you to get outside of the environment.

Breathing in the fresh air, and enjoying a little sunshine on your back will work wonders and miracles for your soul.

  • You might decide to have fruits, flowers, or vegetables in your garden. When you opt to plant fruits and vegetables, you are certain to enjoy better nutrition. This is because you will have access to fresh and nutritious foods.

People with their gardens; eat produce that they labored hard for, which is a great thing for both your body and soul.

Final Words

Gardening is very beneficial to the soul. Irrespective of what you decide on growing, gardening remains therapeutic in different ways. You don’t need to have a green thumb to enjoy the benefits of gardening.

Creating a garden will not only allow you to pick up a new skill but is also a very calming exercise for your mental status. If you do not have too much space or a backyard, you can always opt for small, yet sophisticated vertical gardens in your apartment. They can be created on your balcony wall, and lend a nice aura to the entire apartment space.

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