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Plumbing Inspections, You Need Before Selling Your Home in Alexandria

The city of Alexandria, VA, is a great spot to settle in. It boasts of the many facilities needed to have a good life, such as parks, schools, hospitals, etc. It’s perhaps this feature that has kept its property market going well.

The median sale price is $550,000, with a 99.9% sale-to-list price factor. The average days on the market for homes are 32.

So selling a home or a commercial property here is a breeze. There are, however, certain formalities to be completed, such as the various inspections.

image - Plumbing Inspections, You Need Before Selling Your Home in Alexandria
Plumbing Inspections, You Need Before Selling Your Home in Alexandria

One of those is plumbing. A plumber alexandria is the best person for the job, as they will be familiar with all the things to check and approve.

Checking the Plumbing List

A building’s plumbing system is complex with many components associated with it. A licensed plumber in Alexandria will go through the entire system and prepare a report needed for sale.

Having an idea of the process and components will help you assess that report well.

Inspecting the Inspector

The inspection should be conducted by a licensed plumber only. Virginia plumbing license laws allow for an apprenticeship, journeyman, master, and contractor license.

These are in ascending order of rank and expertise.

A plumber must pass certification examinations and work under master licensed plumbers for many years before going about inspecting plumbing systems in buildings.

Insist on your plumber to have this license or the hired agency showcasing it for the plumber sent for inspection. The state allows plumbers to hold the job only if they are licensed.

Hence the inspection report will only hold value if the plumber has one.

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General Regulation Compliance

The plumbing system of the house must comply with the following Virginia general plumbing regulations:

  • The system must not harm the structural integrity of the building in any way
  • All plumbing and sanitary systems for wastewater must be connected to the drainage system of the building/premises. Certain systems like bathtubs, showers, cloth washers, and toilets needn’t be connected to the drainage system if they discharge to a gray water plumbing system
  • All plumbing fixtures, accessories, and appliances using freshwater must be directly or indirectly connected to the city’s water supply system
  • Pipes and tubes must be of standard size as defined by the local laws unless stated otherwise
  • Elevator shafts are off-limits for running the system except for floor drains, sumps, and sump pumps, which should be connected to the main system

Materials Compliance

The plumbing materials regulations are:

  • Everything used in the system must contain information about the manufacturer and associated certifications.
  • All plastic components must comply with NSF 14 standards.
  • Third-party certification of compliance of materials to regulations is to be present.


  • The system must be protected against rodents according to rodent proofing rules.
  • The system must be corrosion-resistant wrt materials used, and construction techniques.
  • They must be able to handle the stresses and strains, especially those of pressure and temperature fluctuations.
  • Sewer lines must be of specified depth and connect to the septic tank.
  • Pipes inside walls and foundations must be waterproofed and have sleeves surrounding them or have relieving arches built-in.

A plumber in Alexandria must verify these things and more before approving the plumbing system as healthy for a successful sale of the house. That’ll help with better pricing of the home as well.

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