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7 Pool Safety That You Need to Be Reminded of

While swimming is a fun, athletic, and relaxing activity, you can’t help but take note of the risks that come with using the pool. From sliding at the poolside to drowning in the pool, there are several accidents that can occur that may be fatal or render one disabled.

image - 7 Pool Safety That You Need to Be Reminded of
7 Pool Safety That You Need to Be Reminded of

Statistics from the World Health Organization (W.H.O) show that at the end of every year, roughly 315,000 civilians lose their lives due to drowning. For these reasons, there are pool safety rules and regulations that any pool user should adhere to without fail.

Whether you’re a professional or a first time user, ignoring pool safety can cost you a life.

That said, every pool should make known these rules to their users. Just in case you forgot, below are 7 pool safety that you need to be reminded of.

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1. Never go Beyond the Designated Swimming Region

You should avoid venturing into deep and murky waters if you are not a professional swimmer. If you do not, ensure that the lifeguard is aware, and is also assisting you at all times. Overestimating your swimming ability can make you prone to drowning, which in the worst-case scenario may result in death.

2. Do Not Drink and SWIM

One of the effects of alcoholic drinks is the lack of coordination, impaired judgment, and staggering, which is most likely to alter your capability to swim. Most lifeguards emphasize on the ‘do not drink and swim’ rule because they are familiar with its dangerous consequences.

Drinking while swimming can make you lose balance while in the water, therefore making you vulnerable to drowning.

3. Keep Away from Pool Drains

Your swimming costume, hair, or even limbs is exposed to the grasp of damaged or broken drains, and this can consequently result in grave injuries. If you come across a drain that appears to have any defaults, it is advisable to shun from it and report the matter to the appropriate authority.

4. Do Not Run While You are Near The Pool

When water is splashed near the circumference surrounding the pool, the ground tends to be very wet and slippery, and this becomes dangerous only when you are running since you are prone to falling and critically injuring yourself. Thus, it would be best if you walked rather than run when you are near the pool.

5. Never Push Your Pall into the Pool

As much as the idea of throwing your friend into the pool is tempting, you should not, and this is because you are likely to injure them while doing so. Especially if he or she is unaware of the situation.

6. Shun from Swimming After Having a Meal

After having a meal, wait for at least thirty minutes before you dive back into the pool. When the food you consume does not digest properly, blood is diverted away from your legs and arms. Therefore, enhancing the possibilities of you drowning.

7. Do Not Rush into the Water

It is essential to understand the depth of the pool and know if there is any complication with the water before you dive into it. Several cases of spine and head injuries have been recorded because swimmers tend to plunge into the water headfirst and end up colliding with the surface of the pool.

Most of these cases resulted in the victim being paralyzed or even critically injured.

Before jumping into the water, analyze the depth of the pool and also take note of the jumping board’s height, and once you are ready to jump into the water, ensure that no obstacle might injure you.

Take Precautions

Whether you’re a pool user or owner, it’s important to take precautions for pool usage. You can learn CPR and help save a life when someone almost drowns. You can also learn first aid and help during accidents before the ambulance arrives.

Pool owners should take it upon themselves to ensure that there’s a board of rules for pool safety right next to the pool and that there’s a lifeguard in the vicinity at all times.

Another good precaution would be for pool owners to install pool fences to prevent users from sliding into the pool. You can get a glass fence to keep the pool area looking modern and chic. At Wood Glass Group Brisbane, we install frameless and timeless glass fences around your pool making it look sophisticated and remain safe for use.

If you’d like to improve safety around your pool area, contact us today, and we will immediately send our experienced professionals to attend to you.

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