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Four Reasons You Should Not Put Off Rodent Control

When you hear rodents bumping around inside your walls at night, you will want to do something about these unwelcomed guests.

You will not put up with that; however, what if you don’t hear any noise? You may just find droppings under your sink or around your attic space.

image - Four Reasons You Should Not Put Off Rodent Control
Four Reasons You Should Not Put Off Rodent Control

It is important to keep in mind that putting off rodent control will only give time for rodents to increase in numbers.

So, before you decide to postpone your plan of getting rid of them and hiring a Boise pest control service, you must be aware of the following facts about rodents:

Rodents Chew on Many Things

When rodents get into your home, they will chew on many things, causing a serious threat to your property and your safety.

Rats and mice are prone to chew on wires.  If they cut a live wire in your home, it can spark a fire.

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They Carry Ticks

If a little mouse gets into your home, it can have up to a hundred seed ticks on its body. Seed ticks are the larvae of ticks.

Ticks prefer to attach themselves to a dog and cats, or even humans. They can transmit Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tularemia, red meat allergy, and other serious diseases.

Aside from ticks, rodents can also bring fleas, mites, and lice.

They are Exposed to Harmful Bacteria

Rats and mice tend to climb into dumpsters, trash heaps, trash cans, and sewers, exposing themselves to bacteria, disease-causing organisms, and parasitic worms.

When a little mouse scrambles over some plates in your cabinet, it can leave invisible organisms on the surface, which can result in a range of diseases.

Rodents Chew Holes

Rodents chew holes to get inside your house as well as go from wall voids into pantries and kitchens. Also, they chew holes in furniture, clothing, and other household items.

Because of the holes, they create to get into your house, rainwater, pests, and moisture are allowed into your home, causing mold, wood rot, and more pest infestations.

And when they chew holes through sheetrock, baseboards, and other building materials, other pests will have a direct route to your food storage.

And aside from holes, there are other ways rodents can damage your belongings. They tend to leave urine and feces in the places they hide.

Because of the damages rats in attic and mice may cause, you should not put off professional pest control. Professionals offer effective rodent monitoring and control.