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Red Brick Flooring Amidst a Host of Flooring Options

Brick floors are as aesthetic as they are eco-friendly. Also, they are high-traffic compatible. If perhaps for those reasons (plus being a fan of red devils), you had your heart set on a red brick flooring; you made a great choice.

image - Red Brick Flooring Amidst a Host of Flooring Options
Red Brick Flooring Amidst a Host of Flooring Options

But you can be adventurous. And be flexible with a knowledge of numerous flooring options. Who knows! You might find a mix to wow your visitors.

What do you say?

Have a look at different beautiful flooring options (of course, your beloved red brick included) that you’d love:

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is homeowners’ favorite and one of the few fit-all flooring options. Be it your living room, bedroom, even kitchen; you can do no wrong with a hardwood floor.

The only downside to hardwood is its intolerance for moisture. As such, avoid using hardwood for sites like bathrooms, laundry, and mudroom.

To navigate moisture intolerance, home model professionals coat hardwood with polyurethane. And it works!

However, such coatings expose your beautiful floor to excessive wear and scratches. Fortunately, you can avoid that by regularly cleaning the floor.

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Brick Flooring

Like hardwood, brick fits several sites of your home. Beautifully, it has no phobia for wet areas like your bathroom, laundry, or mudrooms.

Perhaps you ask; won’t I slip off when the brick is wet?

No, you won’t! Brick flooring has a gritty built that ensures your safety against slips.

The best part yet: bricks are natural and sustainable. The makeup components (clay, kaolin, and shale) exist naturally and are renewable/reusable.

And unlike vinyl that exudes health-dangerous compounds, earthen bricks are safe for your health. Plus, you can paint your brick whatever color tickles your fancy – go red brick flooring!

In addition to safety and versatility, brick flooring is relatively affordable. Only ceramic tiles trump brick floors in terms of installation and craft’s fee.

Rubber Flooring

Rubber is one of the recent floor trends. Like brick, it is anti-slip and high-traffic compatible.

Also, rubber flooring is durable, moisture-tolerant, and stain-resistant. Thanks to those qualities, it is now a common trend for bathrooms, children’s playrooms, dance floors, even garages.

Lastly, with rubber floors, you needn’t fear contributing negatively to the environment. Rubber products are generally renewable.

Ceramic or Improved (Porcelain) Tiles

Tiles arguably retain the position for the most widely used flooring option. And that’s because they blend the looks of other flooring materials such as hardwood and brick.

Like the previous floor options, ceramic tiles fit various parts of your home. From your bathroom, kitchen, dining to your hallways!

With ceramic floors, you will also get an affordable, stain-resistant base with little maintenance duty.

Linoleum or Vinyl Flooring

Though borne of different material, linoleum and vinyl serve the same purpose: a suitable base for extreme high-traffic areas.

Like brick floors, linoleum and vinyl are also moisture-tolerant and easy to fit. In essence, they are compatible with all areas of residential and commercial homes.

However, note that vinyl production creates a dent in the environment. Also, vinyl exudes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) that might endanger your health.

Linoleum, on the other hand, is a product of natural means. It is safe, smart, and sustainable.

So, what do you think?

Sure, the brick floor is your pick. Which other styles might you consider?

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