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6 Refrigerator Problems That Happen More Often Than Not

The average refrigerator repair cost ranges from $200-$330 depending on the nature of the repair.

Have you had any issues with the function of your refrigerator? What questions do you have about refrigerator repairs?

image - 6 Refrigerator Problems That Happen More Often Than Not
6 Refrigerator Problems That Happen More Often Than Not

Knowing the common issues that may happen to this appliance are important to be prepared ahead of time.

Keep reading to learn more about common refrigerator problems:

  1. Energy Drain

You open your electric bill and notice it is extremely high. As you review your last month, you realize you haven’t been using very much electricity. Why is it reading so high then?

The answer could be your refrigerator. Whether it is due to age or a mechanical issue, the motor may constantly be running to keep the fridge at the desired temperature. This happening nonstop can be making your energy bill skyrocket.

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  1. Too Much Condensation

Have you ever walked by your fridge and noticed a puddle of water on the floor?

This can happen when there is excessive condensation within the fridge and the water needs somewhere to go. Sometimes a drain is clogged and should be evaluated first before calling for a repair.

  1. Ice Everywhere

Have you ever opened your freezer and noticed ice everywhere? You are not only losing freezer space within your fridge but it’s not staying as cold either.

The common solution to this is to de-ice the fridge which will eliminate the buildup of ice along the walls.

  1. Temperature

Is your fridge too warm where food is starting to spoil? Or too cold that it is freezing the milk?

Neither of these temperature swings is good for the food you have in the fridge. This issue could be due to a lack of airflow or something blocking the thermostat and interfering with its reading of the fridge temperature. Checking to make sure your fridge does not get too warm or cold is important.

  1. Noise

Can you hear your fridge from down the hall?

Although your fridge may be running normally, the evaporator or the condenser fan motors may be causing excessive noise while your fridge is operating. Checking these areas for any blockages and seeing if they need to be replaced could solve the noise issue.

  1. The Ice Maker Stopped Working

Owning a fridge with an ice maker is a huge benefit until it stops working. This could be anything from ice buildup causing a blockage to a kink in the waterline.

While this issue does not typically affect the rest of the fridge, you want it to work when you need ice.

Solve Your Refrigerator Problems With a Replacement

If your fridge is beyond fixing or the headache of a new issue every week is getting tiring, then you should invest in a new refrigerator. There are a variety of sizes and styles to choose from and they likely have much new technology and efficiency measures than your current one.

Plan Ahead Today

Educating yourself on common refrigerator problems will help you be prepared if anything happens to your fridge. You will be able to decipher between a small repair and a complete loss of the appliance.

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