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Moving Hack: How to Choose a Home to Buy

Did you know, 24% of Amerian adults reported moving in the last five years.

Choosing a home to buy is dependent on many factors including your budget, your location, and your future requirements.

image - Moving Hack: How to Choose a Home to Buy
Moving Hack: How to Choose a Home to Buy

Are you worried about moving and finding the right house for you? In this article, we’ll look at a few tips and our top moving hack to help ease this process. Let’s get started.

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  1. Can You Afford the Home?

It’s often good to view properties above and below your price bracket so that you get an idea of the types and sizes of houses you can afford.

However, be careful not to overstretch your budget. There are many extra costs involved in moving including legal and real estate fees and removal expenses.

  1. Is the Location Desirable?

If you find an ideal property, do some research on the neighborhood. Visit the area during a range of times of the week. It might seem very different on a Sunday afternoon compared to a rush-hour morning.

If possible, speak to people who know the area and can give you a local’s opinion. Google the area to see if there are any issues with antisocial behavior or possible large housing developments that are planned.

  1. Is There Enough Room for Your Future Family?

What may seem like the ideal house for your family right now may not be big enough in 5 years’ time. Consider the size and number of bedrooms your family will need as you get older.

For example, where will your kids do homework or chill out with friends? Do your elderly parents need to move in? You may feel that you could extend the home in time so check out how other neighbors have done this.

  1. How Much Outdoor Space Do You Need?

The house is important but so too is the outdoor space. If you have multiple cars you will need a large drive and possibly a double or triple garage.

An outdoor area for summer entertaining may also be important to you so think about where you would enjoy doing this as you look around. Does the garden have a sunny aspect or is it quite dark and surrounded by trees?

Look at ways you could mitigate these problems by having seating in different areas of the garden. If you enjoy gardening, you will be looking for enough space to enable your hobby.

Equally, young children will need space where they can play. Check out these houses for sale!

Is This Moving Hack Helpful?

All in all, moving house can be a stressful time. By deciding what your needs are before starting your search, you can make sure you secure a house that will suit all of your family’s needs for years to come.

There will be compromises to make as very few people find their ‘perfect’ house. But, by knowing which areas you are prepared to be flexible about and which are your house hunting ‘must-haves’ you will be able to adapt your search and find your next home.

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