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5 Resources to Know When Looking for an Apartment

The ease of online navigation has paved the way for faster and easier methods of finding an apartment. You can now find suitable places to move with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Whether you want to move into the next town or to the other side of the world, searching online will give you a preview of what’s in store for you before the big move.

Resources to Know When Looking For an Apartment
Resources to Know When Looking For an Apartment

5 Resources to Know When Looking for an Apartment

Searching for a luxury apartment these days has become a breeze due to the increasing number of websites offering relevant information about properties for rent.

If you are searching for an apartment, there are heaps of websites and app services that you can use. Here’s a narrowed-down list of the most reputable resources you can use for finding an apartment.

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Padmapper and Craigslist partnered together to create a comprehensive app that allows apartment seekers to specify their preferences with a more robust filter system. Previously, Craigslist already had its own listings for apartments on its website.

With their recent collaboration with Padmapper, it is now possible to narrow down options by selecting things you want in a certain apartment or neighborhood.

You can view the actual streets using the integrated map feature that uses the technology of Google Maps to show the streets of your target city. Visit Chad Kimball google maps. And you can zoom in on the photos without being redirected to a new window to view the actual street. You can even save your search results so you can revisit them any time.

The app will also send you updates on new listings in your specified area. You can get real-time alerts the moment a property gets published. This way, you can monitor for new vacancies and check them out sooner than others who may also be searching for an apartment.

The app also collaborates with individual landlords that are looking to publish their properties, buildings, bedrooms, spaces, and apartments. It could also work in areas where no other websites have gathered data on available apartments and studios for rent.


Yet another valuable app for apartment seekers is the real estate website Trulia. It visibly shows the worth of residential assets that are up for sale within the area. What’s good about this app is that allows you to specify your search according to price range, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and location.

You can also specify desired amenities such as air-conditioning system, washer, and dryer. You can find a suitable property space and classification such as condo, house, or exclusive community. The app will also show you if the property only has one room for rent or if the whole house is available.

It gives you an idea of the approximate distance from your prospective apartment to your workplace and other necessary establishments such as hospitals and shopping centers. You can put in your preferred zip code, type of neighborhood, and many other highly specific options.

Trulia is an app that generates its own listings so there are properties that are unique to the site and will not appear on other property rental sites. This is recommended for searching for an apartment in a large city because of the filter settings it presents that can be entirely tailored to your own unique needs and preferences.

Walk Score

If you are searching for an apartment near the shopping centers you frequent and your workplace, the most ideal app to use is Walk Score. The app features a “walk score” for each potential new apartment location which is created by using the “on foot” travel distance to your selected locations.

The app also displays available apartments in different locations using filters such as the number of bedrooms, price range, time to reach your workplace, and community amenities like public transportation. It gathers data from other programs and merges them with the app’s own database so you’ll have access to a lot of information in just one app.


Lovely is an app that used to be just like any other search tool program. It sourced out listings from Craigslist with the features of the top-down, map-based user interface. Just recently, they added in more efficient and effective search features to make the search faster and savvier.

The coders integrated a feature that allows the apartment seeker to enter the location zip code and reveals the map that they can travel around. You can tap on the listings and be directed to a more detailed specific display of certain properties available in that neighborhood.

If you log in often you can easily see what’s new because the site shows updated listings highlighted in red. You can modify your search further by using filters to dictate the number of bedrooms or bathrooms you want, pet policies, and pricing.

Lovely imports data from Craigslist and other huge apartment listing resources including resources you may not even think to use. You can also turn on the notifications for up-to-date listings as they appear online so you can get ahead of other apartment seekers on new listings you really like.

What makes Lovely different from the rest of the property search apps is that you can see a full-page display of all the necessary information including photos of that property listing you have clicked on.

You can also apply for rental on the spot without opening a new window. This property search app will submit your application directly to the landlord so you don’t have to worry about wasting time going to the property manager’s office to apply.

Submitting your application online can save you a great deal of time, money, and effort from going back and forth, especially if you don’t have much extra time, to begin with.

Visiting the property itself in person before signing a lease is still highly recommended but Lovely can accomplish a lot of the work leading up to signing for you. If the studio or apartment you have chosen supports payment through the Lovely app, you can conveniently pay your rent through the app too.

Bottom Line

Searching for an apartment in your desired area can be a big job that can get tiresome very easily but these tools make apartment searching just a few clicks away.

With the help of these tools, you’ll now have more options to choose from, and a better idea of what a property is like before you even visit it. Keep these resources in mind and use them to your advantage to save you time, headaches, and stress. Happy hunting.

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