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4 Steps That Will Make You Feel Safer in Your Home

How safe do you feel in your own home? Your home is a sanctuary from the world. It’s where you come home every night and put your feet up. Your home should be a place for relaxing, but is it actually more dangerous than you think?

4 Steps That Will Make You Feel Safer in Your Home
4 Steps That Will Make You Feel Safer in Your Home

According to the FBI, there are over 2.5 million burglaries every year, 66% of which are home break-ins. Despite the Hollywood images of these burglaries sneaking around under the cover of darkness, the majority of break-ins happen in broad daylight when most people are at school or work. Ultimately, there are a lot of misunderstandings about the reality of home safety.

4 Steps That Will Make You Feel Safer in Your Home

Starts protecting your home today with these 4 steps below that will make you feel safer in your home.

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  1. Install an Alarm System

Your first step should be to install an alarm system to keep your home protected. An alarm system is the only way to keep an eye over your home even when you’re not home. Homes without any security system are more likely to be targeted for burglaries, so this is an essential step.

Alarm systems today are more sophisticated and reliable than ever before. In the past, there would be a risk of a system being unplugged or disconnected, allowing criminals to enter the home without triggering the alarm. The latest systems like those from Alarm Grid are much more secure.

  1. Add Outdoor Lights

Another way to secure your home is to add outdoor lights. If you’ve ever peeked outside your window to look at your dark yard at night, you know how hard it is to see what’s going on without any lights.

Motion-activated lights for nighttime will make it harder for criminals to get near your home, and it will help you keep an active eye on things.

  1. Keep Your Valuables Hidden

Do you tend to keep your valuables in plain sight? This might seem harmless, but you might be making yourself a target to crime. First, if it’s easy to see into your home, criminals could be seeing into your property even when you’re not home.

In addition, if your valuables are hidden in expected spots like in your bedside table, dresser drawers, and closet, they’re more likely to be snagged if your home is broken into. If possible, secure your belongings out of sight and in a safe.

How Safe Is Your Home
How Safe Is Your Home?
  1. Talk to Your Neighbors

Finally, sometimes the best way to keep your home safe is to simply be more mindful and open with your communication. Being aware of your surroundings and paying attention to any unusual activity will go a long way. In addition, talk to your neighbors and get to know them. This will help you keep an eye on their property as well.

If you don’t know your neighbors, it’s hard to know who should and shouldn’t be in your neighborhood. You might even want to start a community watch group to keep an eye out for criminal activity.

How Safe Is Your Home?

Do you know how safe your home is actually? It’s time to face the facts and make any necessary improvements to improve your home security. These steps above are a must whether you’re renting or you own your home.

We all want to think our homes are safe, but is that really true? There’s no such thing as a 100% safe neighborhood. You often need to take matters into your own hands to keep your home safe.

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