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5 Rules of Selling Used Furniture Successfully

Whether you are moving or just redecorating, you might be wanting to sell your used furniture. This is an excellent opportunity to make some money to fund your new house or new decorations.

If you’ve tried to sell your furniture online or in-person already and aren’t having enough luck, try these rules and tips to make the process easier.

image - 5 Rules of Selling Used Furniture Successfully
5 Rules of Selling Used Furniture Successfully

Make a Bill of Sale

A bill of sale may not be legally required in your state, but it’s still recommended to have. You might think selling used furniture isn’t a big deal, but you need proof of the sale, whether the money spent is big or small.

If you aren’t sure how to create your bill of sale, you are free to use this FormsPal template. It will help you get all the correct information for your sale agreement and ensure there are no issues for you in the future. As a rule, bills of sale include:

  • The condition of the furniture.
  • The dimensions and weight of the object.
  • The date of the transaction.
  • The price it’s sold for.

The bill of sale will protect the buyer and the seller should there be problems later with the furniture.

It will also serve as a receipt for the sale and the item that is sold. Do not forget to keep a copy for yourself before handing over one to the buyer.

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Be Honest About the Condition of Your Furniture

Even if your furniture is not in great shape, you might be surprised some people still want to buy it. Many people like to buy old or used furniture and turn it into a DIY project. Some also like to buy furniture, modify, and then resale it.

The key to selling furniture that might not be in the best condition is, to be honest. If there are rips, stains, or marks, make sure to include them in the description or the photo.

You also need to be honest if there have been pets around it, as you don’t want to sell it to someone who may have allergies.

Getting the furniture cleaned or repaired before selling can also make it more likely to sell quicker. Make sure you can make the repairs funds back through the pricing before spending money on it.

Consider the Timing

Furniture sells better when the real estate market is doing well. If the real estate market is not currently doing hot in your area, you will need to offer your furniture at a lower price.

Consider the Timing

You might also want to just hang onto it if you have the space and sell it when the market jumps back up.

Try also to sell furniture when you know more people are moving. For example, more people tend to relocate during the summer, more so than in the winter.

Check Competition

If other sellers nearby advertise furniture that looks the same as yours, you will have a more challenging time selling it. You might want to market in a different area or make your advertisement more fun and efficient to attract more buyers.

Check the app or website you are selling on for similar items to see how they compare to yours and find ways to make yours look better.

Taking great pictures is an excellent way to compete against other people. For example, if you sell a dining room table, have the first picture with the table decorated and looking festive.

In the following photos, you can show the plain table and make notes of any dents or marks. The first photo will be the one people see, so you need to make sure it looks the best.

Determine the Correct Value

You don’t want to sell a piece of used furniture at the same or higher price than a new one. People want to be able to get a deal on used furniture. You should sell your piece between 20-50% of the original price, depending on the condition it’s currently in and how old it is.

If the piece is an antique or part of a unique collection, you can get it priced by a professional to ensure you are not drastically off on your selling price. Mentioning the original price in your ad will also show how much money you are knocking off for the buyer.

Final Thoughts

Selling used furniture doesn’t have to be complicated. Just follow the rules above to sell all your pieces efficiently. You will find that you don’t have to deal with your old pieces sitting around taking up space anymore.

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