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8 Scams About Furnace Repair in Peoria, Az You Should Ignore

If you’ve been around the block a few times, you have probably already heard of many different scams about furnace repair in Peoria, AZ that are trying to rip off as many people as possible.

image - 8 Scams About Furnace Repair in Peoria, Az You Should Ignore
8 Scams About Furnace Repair in Peoria, Az You Should Ignore

In this article, we will talk about some of the most common scams that you should give a wide berth to. Don’t fall for them and don’t be fooled into paying way too much money just because someone said they were from a furnace repair company.

1. Too Good to Be True Deals

Furnace repair work is often required in homes that are prone to extreme temperature changes. During the winter, it is more than likely that there will be a need for repair work due to the severe cold and the harsh winter conditions.

However, during this time of year furnace repair companies can also make some good money because of desperate homeowners who don’t know what they should do with their broken furnaces.

Unfortunately, many scam artists take advantage of the unfortunate homeowners during the winter. They will offer their repair services at ridiculously low prices to get more clients and increase their revenue for this period.

However, if their cost of furnace tune-up is cheap make sure it is because of some sort of promotion or limited-time offer and not because there is something wrong with your furnace.

2. Two Quotes are Better Than One

One of the most common scams about furnace repair companies involves them simply trying to squeeze more money out of you.

They will initially provide you with an extremely low estimate for their services but if they get called to fix your broken furnace they could try to convince you that the price they initially quoted you was for a temporary fix or something like that.

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3. Unlicensed Services

There are many unlicensed furnace repair companies out there that try to take advantage of homeowners’ ignorance about this particular type of service. These companies will often offer their services at ridiculously low prices to get more customers.

While the homeowners end up saving a little money, they also put themselves at great risk because these companies usually don’t have all of the licenses and certifications that would otherwise allow them to perform furnace repair work legally in your area.

4. Unnecessary Repairs

There are some furnace repair companies out there that will try to convince you to have a few unnecessary repairs performed on your furnace.

They know they will get more money from you if they create a list of things that your furnace needs right away and then add all of the prices up to make it seem like it is too much for you.

5. False Discounts

People that run these scams about furnace repair usually try to push other unnecessary and expensive services and products on you as well. While they might offer you a discount for one additional service, this usually isn’t much of a deal because it is way too expensive.

Save your money by listening carefully to the entire proposal that these scam artists will make up and then politely refuse any additional services you don’t need.

6. “Mystery” Services and Charges

There are companies out there that will try to charge you for services and products without telling you what they do or why they should be performed.

The scam artists behind these operations know that their clients won’t agree to pay the amount of money they were charged for if they knew exactly what was going on. Always be sure to ask for a detailed explanation of any services and products you might be charged for.

7. Refusal of Providing Invoice

This is another common scam about furnace repair that involves the technicians refusing to provide an invoice or receipt for the work they did at your home.

They will often try to convince you that it is unnecessary but if they don’t let you have a detailed invoice or receipt for the work that was done on your furnace then it is safe to assume that there is something fishy going on.

8. Unqualified Technicians

Many homeowners end up paying a large amount of money to a furnace repair company only because their technician seemed qualified and seemed like the right person for the job.

Whether it is because he wore a uniform or because he seemed sure of what he was talking about, you should always be extremely careful and make sure that the individual you are letting into your home is qualified to do his job.

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