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Should I Replace My Roof Before Selling?

Are you going to be putting your residential property up for sale? Are you looking to make a profit when you sell it? If so, then the best course of action is to undertake some serious remodeling.

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Should I Replace My Roof Before Selling?

But while there are many parts of the home that can be redone, and redone on a budget, one aspect of your home should only be handled by professionals.

You may want to seriously consider replacing the roof. And here’s why.

Why You Should Replace Your Roof

Ask Yourself the Hard Question

If you find yourself wondering whether you should replace your roof before showing possible purchasers your home, you should ask yourself one key question. You should answer it honestly as well.

If you believe that the roof that you already have in place may discourage purchasers, then you should pick a replacement. If you have a roof that’s particularly old and that has a shabby and neglected appearance, then keeping it may actually hurt your sales progress.

So if you feel the need to replace your roof before you sell your home so you can make it more attractive to prospective buyers, then that’s the best course of action to take.

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Key Reasons to Replace Your Roof

Roofs are Dependable & Can Last a Lifetime

Roofing systems typically remain dependable and hard-wearing for anywhere between two and three decades or so. Potential homeowners often do not want to have to think about the costs and time requirements that are associated with a roof replacement.

That’s the reason that it may be preferable to dazzle possible buyers with a brand new roofing system during your selling journey. It’s a fantastic selling point that will attract new buyers and investors to your property.

Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Remember, too, that property owners have other incentives to replace their roofs prior to selling. If you replace your roof with a fresh, visually appealing one, then it will boost your home’s curb appeal.

Since it will increase curb appeal, it will increase value as well. If you replace your roof, then you may be able to get a lot back on your financial investment. The better your home looks, the more likely you’ll be able to generate interest with your base.

Roof Repairs Might be Enough

You don’t have to worry about a roof replacement if you only have a few minor issues on your roof. If you have minor problems, such as a little leak or a few missing shingles, then roof repairs may be sufficient.

Repair work can in many cases be beneficial for roofing systems that are on the newer side. If your roof hasn’t been in use for many years, then fixing leaks and managing mildew growth and similar matters may help it considerably. You’ll still get your roof to look amazing and remain functional while saving money on costs.

How to Tell if You Need to Replace Your Roof

image - How to Tell if You Need to Replace Your Roof

How exactly can you tell that your roof needs repair or replacement work? Look for indications of persistent water leaks. Be on the lookout for shingle splitting, buckling, and warping. Pay attention to any general drooping.

If you notice any missing granules popping up in your downspouts and gutters, that may denote the need for professional attention from qualified and seasoned roofers, too.

When you do notice these things, contact your roofing company. We recommend Hubbard Roofing & Exteriors, they’re the best of the best in roof replacement and repairs in Calgary. Reach out and contact them today!

We hope that you take advantage of your new roof and transform your property for the better!

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