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Should You Ship Your Car for Your Cross-country Move?

Moving across the country is a massive undertaking. There are so many details to consider, including logistics, costs, timing, and the potential for disaster.

One detail you may not have considered is how to get your car to your new home. While driving seems like a logical response, it might not be the most effective option. You might want to consider using one of the many reputable car shipping companies to move your car across the country instead.

image - Should You Ship Your Car for Your Cross-country Move
Should You Ship Your Car for Your Cross-country Move

Here are some important factors to think about as you decide whether to ship your car cross-country to your new home.

Shipping Your Car Cross-country Vs. Driving

Car transport is costly, time-consuming, and inconvenient. Though shipping your car may be more expensive, it could be the better route for you. Here, we’ll look at the benefits of both driving and shipping your vehicle to help you make the best decision.

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Benefits of Driving Your Car Cross-country

There are several advantages to driving your car cross-country rather than shipping it. Generally, shipping your car will be more expensive than driving. If, for example, your new home is 1,000 to 1,500 miles away, the estimated shipping cost would be double that of driving.

However, that doesn’t factor in the money you’d spend on food, accommodations, and gas if you were to drive your car that distance, nor does it factor in any lost work that you’d incur in that time while driving.

Then there’s the added benefit of adventure. Driving a car cross-country means you can stop to see all the sights and attractions along the way. If you plan properly, you could even turn it into a road trip. But when you’re relocating to a new state, a mini-vacation is probably the last thing on your mind.

So, do the cost savings outweigh the hassle of having to drive a thousand miles or more? That is up to you.

Benefits of Shipping Your Car Cross-country

When you’re moving from one side of the country to another, there’s a lot involved, including packing up your home, finding a moving company, and getting enough rest before your new job begins.

Then there’s the stress of unpacking boxes when the movers finally arrive at your destination. As a result, you might want to save time and energy by using a car shipping company.

Driving can be exhausting, especially with a trip that takes days. It can be difficult to find a hotel along the way, and you’ll have to eat out. Also, driving can take longer than you think because unexpected road detours and problems could prove costly and create delays.

In contrast, car shipping is simple, stress-free, and efficient. Plus, you can book through a company that provides door-to-door services.

Is Shipping Your Car Safer Than Driving?

Shipping your vehicle is not only safer than driving it, but it’s also more efficient and convenient. Shipping companies provide enclosed car shipping services that protect your vehicle from the elements and other road hazards.

Also, while you have total control of your car while driving it yourself, a shipping company can transport it to your destination with less risk to you and your car.

How Car Shipping Works

Depending on the size of your car, a transport carrier may need to load it onto a flatbed truck. The driver will then pick up your vehicle and deliver it to its final location, which is usually the closest available terminal.

Once at the terminal, your auto transport carrier will unload it and call you to collect it (terminal-to-terminal shipping) or deliver it to your home if you selected door-to-door shipping.

Most car shipping companies, like Montway Auto Transport, are insured, so be sure to ask about cargo insurance when requesting quotes. Also, if you have car insurance, your provider might cover your vehicle for storage at the terminal.


Car shipping is an effective method for transporting your car across the country. However, you should determine how much time and money you want to spend, then choose between shipping or driving. Decide what is most important to you.

If the adventure of driving coast to coast is worth the time, energy, and financial costs, then factor it into your decision. On the other hand, if you’re in a hurry or prefer to be stress-free, then shipping your car is probably the best option.

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