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Shower Heads: Choosing the Best Model for Your Needs & Bathroom Design

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that the best way to start your day is with a nice warm shower, or a cold one if that’s your thing. In any case, to have a truly enjoyable experience you need to have the right shower head.

A shower head that makes it hard to wash all parts of your body or produces bad water pressure can make your daily showers feel more like an inconvenience than a way to refresh yourself.

image - Shower Heads: Choosing the Best Model for Your Needs & Bathroom Design
Shower Heads: Choosing the Best Model for Your Needs & Bathroom Design

In addition to being crucial to your showering experience, the showerhead also contributes to the bathroom’s overall looks.

That being said, swapping out your old rusty and barely working shower head is a simple project that will yield noticeable results in your bathroom’s appearance and functionality. But replacing your showerhead might be easier said than done.

While the installation process is something that you yourself can do with a few tools, the difficult part is choosing the right model.

To help you pick out the shower head that suits your needs, here’s what you need to know.

Consider the Different Types of Shower Heads

When browsing through the range of online bathroom stores, you’ll notice that shower heads are generally separated into three basic categories: wall-mounted, handheld, and top-mounted.

All of these types have their advantages and downsides.

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Wall-Mounted Showerheads – Affordable & Traditional

image - Wall-Mounted Showerheads
Wall-Mounted Showerheads

A wall-mounted shower head can be a great option for everyone looking for a low-maintenance, affordable showerhead. Some people love this type because of its traditional look.

If you have a vintage style bathroom, this style of the showerhead can fit perfectly in. However, wall-mounted showerhead designs have a big downside.

They are permanently fixed to a certain height, which can make it inconvenient for the different people using the shower.

Handheld Models – Convenient & Versatile

image - hand-held-shower-head

However, if you’re looking for convenience and want a shower that’s more than just a basic rinse, a handheld model is what you need. This type of showerhead is attached to a hose, allowing you to move it around freely and wash hard-to-reach spots easier.

In addition, with a handheld showerhead, you can have a shower without having to get your hair wet. This showerhead can also be used to give your bathtub, your shower enclosure, or other parts of your bathroom a good cleaning.

Top-Mounted Models – Enjoy a Unique Spa-Like Experience

image - Top-Mounted-showerheads
Top Mounted showerheads

As the name suggests, top-mounted showerheads are mounted directly over the user’s head and onto the bathroom’s ceiling. Due to the effect they create, these showerheads are also commonly referred to as rainfall.

They are flat and large and can spread the spray of water over a larger surface. This way, the pressure of the water hitting your body is reduced, which provides a more soothing experience.

However, this may not feel good for people who don’t want water in their eyes or getting their hair wet every time they’re taking a shower.

If You Can’t Make Your Mind Up, Go for a Combo

image - combo-showerhead
Combo showerhead

A growing trend in bathroom design is using a combination of different showerheads as opposed to a single unit. So, if you have the budget and want to treat yourself to all these different showering experiences, this can be a great idea.

For instance, you can purchase a handheld showerhead and install a rail on the wall or shower cabin, giving you the option to use it as a wall-mounted one.

Then, you can get an additional top-mounted showerhead which doesn’t take up much space.

Pay Attention to the Nozzles

Showerhead nozzles spray water in different patterns and intensities. Some showerheads come with several different nozzle settings that you can easily adjust on the head itself, but most of them only come with a single nozzle type.

Try to figure out what kind of shower experience you prefer, and then look for a nozzle design that can offer that effect.

Here are a few basic types that you could find on a showerhead:

  • Wide nozzles

This is the default type found on most showerheads. Water sprays out of each nozzle constantly at the same speed and consistency. These types of nozzles are raised and can often be removed to give the showerhead a thorough cleaning.

  • Targeted nozzles

These nozzles shoot narrow sprays of water, thus creating an almost mist-like effect. This feels much gentler on the skin, offering a luxurious showering experience.

These types of nozzles are usually flat and as such, they are less prone to sediment buildup and easier to keep clean.

  • Pulsating nozzles

These nozzles shoot water in alternating patterns, creating a massage-like effect that helps the muscles to unwind.

A Water-Efficient Model Is Definitely Worth It

Considering Australia’s predisposition to droughts, water is an extremely valuable resource and its cost often goes up. So, considering how showering uses up a lot of water, it can be a smart idea to upgrade to more water-efficient appliances and fixtures.

Just look for a bathroom store selling WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling Standards) regulated products.

WELS-rated showerheads are tested for their water consumption and given a rating up to 6 stars which are displayed on the product.

For a family of four, using a 3-star WELS-rated showerhead that delivers 9L of water per minute can help save up to $210 each year on water bills.

And if you go a step further, and invest in a 4-star showerhead that delivers 6L of water per minute, you can save up to $310 a year on water bills.

Additionally, you will also experience some savings on electricity bills because less water will need to be heated.

image - different-showerhead-styles
Different showerhead styles

And Finally, Pick a Complementing Finish

Since you’re going to be using it daily, you also gotta like the way the showerhead actually looks. So, be sure to choose a finish that matches your taste and the existing style of your bathroom.

Chrome and brushed stainless steel showerheads have a shiny sleek look that makes them ideal for contemporary bathrooms. If you have a vintage-style bathroom, you may prefer the rich, old-fashioned look a brushed brass showerhead can provide.

There are also matte black showerheads which are becoming increasingly popular as they look great in all kinds of bathrooms from vintage to modern and Scandinavian.