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How to Install a Shower Tray?

This is an easy job if you have the floor and wall side leveled properly. You just need to have a collection of all essential tools and you are ready to go. In this article, you will be guided on what equipment you would require plus how exactly you should move forward step by step, so as to make sure you get it right.

Just before we dive right into the topic, it is important to note that a performed shower tray/base is leak proof and installation process is much more simplified than the traditional solid mortar trays/bases.

How to Install a Shower Tray
How to Install a Shower Tray

But if you are willing to remodel your entire bathroom than it is a bit challenging as you have to revamp your old plumbing structure. Then once the drain line, venting line for the shower tray is ready, you are good to go.

How to Install a Shower Tray

Make sure you are familiar and comfortable working with plastic pipe and fittings where you might need to cut them on an exact measurement to fit into the place. And now let’s have a look at the required tools and materials for this project.

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Tools required for installing a shower tray:

  1. Safety glass, Dust mask, Hand gloves
  2. Screwdriver, Adjustable wrench, Pipe wrench
  3. Miter saw, Reciprocating saw
  4. Hammer, Nut driver,
  5. Drill machine
  6. Framing square
  7. Knee pads
  8. Level, Tape measure
  9. Slip joint pliers
  10. Tube Cutter, Utility knife
  11. Mortar mix, Trowel

Step 1: Put on Safety First

Make sure you put on the dust mask, safety glass, and hand gloves to avoid any kind of injury.

Step 2: Choosing a Shower Tray

The most important part is to make the right choice of the perfect shower tray based on your bathroom space.

Step 3: Plan Your Work

If you are about to replace your old shower tray or, the old bathtub then make sure you remove them carefully and level the floor and walls perfectly for the shower tray to sit on. Plan to place the tray at a minimum required distance from the toilet and sink.

Step 4: Install and Fix Drain Line

You might need to rework on the water lines and install a new drain line if the existing line does not fit the drain hole of the new shower tray. Hence first take note the actual position of your drain hole and set drain line pipe accordingly and place the reducer coupling, riser pipe in position. While doing this you would require using the appropriate fittings of pipe to make their turns.

Remember, when you buy a shower tray there might be drain adapter coming along. But if you don’t see one, you might need to purchase drain kit separately. So, it is better to read the manufacturer’s direction before choosing one.

Step 5: Install Vent Line

Besides, you should create the vent line with transition couplings to the main stack. The vent must join the main line at a minimum of 6 inches above any spill lines that are sharing the vent line.

Now, remember if the main line is a plastic pipe then it is easier to cut and join the vent. But cast icon would require pipe snapper to cut. Then join the other side of the vent line to the drain line that is heading towards the shower tray hole.

Step 6: Install the Shower Tray

Now, it’s time to cover up the pipelines with creamy mortar mix and just before that make sure the drain line gets enough support to stay on its position perfectly. And now carefully install the shower tray in its position.

Setup the drain hole with washers and screws and then put the rubber gasket in place. Put clamp to the base lip to hold it up with the walls and avoid drilling through the base as it leaves the possibility of cracking. But don’t forget to put the drain strainer on the drain hole.

Let it be untouched overnight so as to allow the mortar to cure properly.

Step 7: Cover the Shower Area

Now, you can cover the area with your shower enclosures. And put some shower caulk around the tray and the shower surround to avoid water seeping through and prevent mold and mildew. But, caulking is another important task in terms of choosing the appropriate one for the shower and bathroom. And covering that entire topic in this short tutorial would be a waste of time for you.

But don’t worry; you might check this website to learn more it.

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