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5 Signs You’re in Need of Residential Window Replacement

Having plenty of windows and daylight exposure in your home is essential for your mental health and overall wellness according to a recent study. Not having enough windows in your home leads to sleep problems and depression.

image - 5 Signs You're in Need of Residential Window Replacement
5 Signs You’re in Need of Residential Window Replacement

To make sure that your windows let in the optimal amount of light, you need to keep them well-maintained and replace them when necessary. To determine when replacing home windows is necessary you need to know what to look for.

These 5 signs you need a residential window replacement will help you gauge the lifespan of windows in your home. If you notice any of these signs you need new windows and you should get them replaced right away.

1. Your Windows Get Cloudy

How long do windows last? An easy answer is until they start to get cloudy. Once you see cloudiness or fog between the panes of your windows it’s time for a replacement. Fogginess and cloudiness indicate a pane has failed.

2. Leaks and Residential Window Replacement

If your window leaks at all it is time to get it replaced. If it leaks from the pane, snap-bead, sill, or any other part of the window you need to act fast. A leaky window can lead to water damage to your house and cause mold issues.

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3. You Notice Mold or Other Growth

If you notice mold growing in or around your window it is time for new windows. Mold indicates that your window’s seal has failed and is letting in moisture from the outside.

Moss, algae, and other plant life growing in the cracks and crevices of your window on the interior side is never a good sign. If you see any of this replace your windows right away.

4. Your Utility Bills are Too High

If you do everything you can to limit your utility bills and you still notice they are higher than average prices in your area, your windows could be the problem. Not all types of windows are great for insulation.

If your windows are dated, or their seals are failing it may be time for some new ones. Energy-efficient windows will pay for themselves in a few short months by saving you money on your electrical bills.

5. Your Window is Cracked or Broken

If you notice that your window is cracked or broken it is time for a replacement. Cracked or broken windows aren’t only inefficient, they are a major safety hazard. If the window shatters you or your family could get hurt.

If you need a cheap and durable option for a window replacement you may want to consider aluminum replacement windows. These types of windows are better than vinyl ones for a variety of different reasons.

Prioritize Your Windows

You should view residential window replacement as an important part of home maintenance. Having functional and clear windows is an important part of keeping your house safe and healthy.

If you notice any of these 5 signs you should get your windows replaced right away. The quicker you address the problem the better off your home will be. For other important information about your home check back with our site.

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