5% of United States households own a hot tub, and if you fall into that 5%, lucky you! Hot tubs are the perfect way to relax after a long day of work or spend time hanging out with family and friends.

While hot tubs are a fun addition to any house, they do require regular upkeep. Hot tubs that are not maintained properly will be gross, smelly, and not enjoyable.

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5 Signs Your Hot Tub May Need a Repair

How can you tell if your hot tub needs maintenance? Keep reading for 5 signs that you may need hot tub maintenance soon.

Strange Smell

While hot tubs normally have a slight smell due to the chemicals in the water, if you notice a strange smell it could indicate that there is a problem with your hot tub.

A strange smell happens when the hot tub has been contaminated or if the water is not circulating.

Here are some common causes of hot tub water not circulating properly:

  • Clogged jet
  • Clogged water pump
  • Clogged drain

All of these issues can cause contaminated water in your hot tub which you will want to avoid. If you notice a strange smell, contact Triplex Electric Inc before the issue worsens.

Discolored Water

Another sign that your hot tub needs maintenance is if the watercolor is off. If you notice that your hot tub water is tinted green or black, there is probably something wrong with the water chemistry.

Green water indicates that there is an algae problem and black water could mean that the hot tub is contaminated. You can test your hot tub water on your own by using a pool testing kit.

After you test the water, you can attempt to adjust the hot tub chemicals to fix the problem. If that does not work, you will need to contact a professional. Contaminated water can become a health risk if not fixed.

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Lack of Temperature Consistency

If your hot tub is lacking the ability to keep the water temperature consistent, there could be a problem with the water heater or the control panel. Because both of these issues are complicated to fix, your hot tub should be looked at by an expert.

Hot Tub Leaks

It’s never a good sign if you find water leaking from your hot tub. Water leaking from a hot tub usually means that there is a crack somewhere in the hot tub. Cracks can be difficult to find but a professional should be able to help!

If you notice that your hot tub is leaking, don’t procrastinate getting it fixed. Procrastinating can only make the crack bigger and more expensive to repair.

Underperforming Jets

Another indicator that your hot tub needs maintenance is if the jet water pressure is weak. The first thing you should do is clean around the outside of the jet to ensure that there isn’t any buildup.

If you still notice that the pressure is weak after cleaning the jets, it is time to have your hot tub maintained.

Do You Need Hot Tub Maintenance?

Some of the signs that your hot tub needs maintenance include a strange odor, discolored water, lack of temperature consistency, leaks, or weak jets.

If you notice your hot tub having any of these issues, schedule maintenance right away so you can get back to enjoying your hot tub as quickly as possible.

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