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Things to Consider Before Buying a Hot Tub

Owning a hot tub has a long list of health benefits that are likely to improve the quality of your life.

Along with the benefits you also inherit a list of responsibilities that you need to take on as a hot tub owner to protect the safety of others and maintain your spa.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Hot Tub

Here are a few things to consider before buying a hot tub.

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Size of Your Hot Tub

The size of the hot tub you choose is important to consider because of the different uses you may have lined up.

Many people purchase hot tubs with the intention of loosening up sore muscles and aching joints.

Consider the size of your hot tub and whether you will need to stretch out and enjoy extra space.

If you have long legs or you want to remain somewhat submersed while stretching, you’ll need an adequately sized hot tub to accommodate you.

You’ll also need to consider the size when attempting to install your spa into a deck or fit it within the dimensions of what your home allows.

The worst thing imaginable is having a hot tub delivered only to find out it’s too big to fit in the area you’ve been planning on placing it.

The Number of Seats

For a lot of people, a hot tub provides a social event for friends and family to participate in. If you’re planning on inviting guests over for a hot tub you should probably think about how many people your hot tub can seat.

It would be a shame to make guests wait if your regular crew is more people than your hot tub allows.

Consider who would be getting the most regular use out of your tub and how many seats would allow for a perfect gathering.

The Number and Type of Jets

Many companies will offer customizable jets to choose from that range in size and function. There’s a quite a large disparity between the smallest and largest types of jets and the water pressure that you’ll get from each.

If hydrotherapy is high on your list and you’re partial to the firmness of your massage, choose the largest jets to get the most out of your soak.

Placement of Your Hot Tub

The area you select for your hot tub is crucial to how it will function and will contribute to the experience of using your spa.

You’ll want a convenient entrance and exit that isn’t too far from your back door-especially in the colder months.

Choose a place that offers the most privacy and protection from nosy neighbours.

The feeling of being watched can take away from your effort to relax and ultimately make your soak less enjoyable.

Place your hot tub away from falling leaves and out of the wind will reduce the amount of debris that enters the tub on a regular basis.

Less debris means less strain on the filter and clearer water for you and your guests.


Buying a hot tub is a major purchase that should come with protection from any manufacturer defects.

Shop the trusted brands and if you opt for a company that’s less known, be sure to read their guarantee carefully.

Any reputable dealer should be able to back up the quality of their product in the event it breaks down.


A hot tub requires regular care and maintenance. There’s a maintenance routine for keeping your spa water crystal clear. You’ll need to know how to fix green and cloudy spa water by balancing chemicals.

Prepare to drain and clean your hot tub at least three or four times a year. Every hot tub builds up grime over time and will need a physical scrub.

You’ll also need to clean and replace filters every so often for your filtrations system to work effectively and maintain clean water.

No one likes to bathe in dirty grimy water, so prepare yourself to become an expert in maintaining clean water.

Available Features

There is a standard set of features to choose from that changes with every model of a hot tub. Most companies will offer lighting, stereo, Bluetooth capabilities, and remote control options with the various models they have available.

One feature that goes a long way is whether your selection is an energy-efficient model. Over the course of time that could save you a lot of money, despite an increase in the upfront cost.

Monthly Costs

Take into consideration the extra costs you will need to pay every month. You can expect an increase in your monthly water and power bills since you’re definitely going to be using more electricity and water.

The additional cost on a monthly basis may not be extravagant but as a yearly expense, it’s something to consider.

If you’re deciding between two options, the more energy-efficient model may be the deciding factor you need to make your choice.

Most companies will offer free delivery and installation with the purchase of a brand new hot tub.

Even if the retailer you’re working with doesn’t offer it, you should be able to negotiate it with your purchase. Come in with a quote from another company and it will be hard for them to refuse you.

In addition to your increased utility bills, you should also plan for the regular costs of purchasing chemicals and filters.

These are also unavoidable expenses and should be something you build into your budget.

Accessories That Suit Your Needs

You might be surprised at what you can buy to make your spa experience a bit more enjoyable.

It depends on what you’ll be doing in your tub, but you can find practical items such as floating cup holders, wine glass stabilizers, and valet-sized side umbrellas.

There’s literally a world of fun things you can find for your hot tub like waterproof playing cards, floating serving tables, speakers and submersible LED lights.

Customize your private retreat as you see fit.

Plan Ahead

Give some extra thought to how you want to spend your time in your hot tub. The slightest attention to detail can sometimes be the most crucial to how much you enjoy the whole spa experience.