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6 Simple Ways to Improve the Look of Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is important for various great reasons. This area is where you start and finish the day, and how it looks can set the tone of your entire home.

You spend a lot of time in your bathroom, which means that you can draw inspiration from and de-stress when you’re in it.

image - 6 Simple Ways to Improve the Look of Your Bathroom
6 Simple Ways to Improve the Look of Your Bathroom

However, you won’t be able to experience all of these things if your bathroom looks old and boring. How can inspiration strike if your bathroom looks dull?

How can you love taking a shower in the morning and evening if your bathroom isn’t appealing at all?  If you have been using the same bathroom for years and have already grown tired of how it looks, this article can surely help.

If you want to improve how your bathroom looks and enjoy using it again, take note of these simple tips:

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  1. Update Old Fixtures

Even with a shoestring budget or hectic lifestyle, you can still improve the aesthetics of your bathroom.

There are actually cheap and easy ways for you to accomplish this task, and updating your old bathroom fixtures is a great start.

Depending on your preferences, you can start by installing a toilet paper dispenser (if you don’t have any yet), repainting cabinets, adding mirrors, or replacing old faucets.

Although these are minor home renovation projects, these can have big effects on the ambiance and appearance of your bathroom.

  1. Tame Your Clutter

Clutter will be one of your biggest problems when you become a homeowner. Regardless of how spacious your home is, if it’s full of clutter, the space would still look cramped. This kind of environment can result in stress.

One of the easiest ways for you to improve how your bathroom looks is to tame your clutter. You can do this by spending time in your bathroom and throwing out all empty bottles or boxes, and maybe put a towel in its place. For that, you need to read this: Best Suction Cup Towel Bars.

If you have a complex skincare routine, you’re, most likely, keeping several empty containers in your bathroom.

Make sure that you don’t keep any of these because aside from ruining the appearance of your bathroom, clutter can also become the breeding ground for bacteria.

  1. Add a Lot of Storage

Having little to no storage in your bathroom is one of the most obvious reasons why clutter will immediately pile up in this area.

You’ll be using a lot of items in your bathroom, and if these don’t have their proper storage areas, you’ll end up putting these anywhere.

You can ensure that clutter doesn’t pile up in your bathroom, again, by adding a lot of storage to the space. You can install floating shelves all by yourself or invest in storage boxes.

If you have a small bathroom, consider adding bespoke cabinets or installing wicker baskets in the walls.

There are actually a lot of ways on how you can improve the storage in your bathroom. You just have to be creative and resourceful. Some bathroom storage spaces can even be made using scrap materials around the house!

  1. Switch Out Your Linens

Your bathroom won’t be complete without having any towels and bath mats. The more spacious your bathroom is, the more linen you’ll have to put inside it.

This is especially true if several people regularly use your bathroom.

For a simple yet effective bathroom makeover, opt to change all of the linens used in the space.

Instead of using white towels (which is very common today), consider adding in brightly-colored ones. You can also invest in colorful rugs and bath mats.

Depending on your style preferences, you can even exert time to look for linens that complement the existing theme of your bathroom or home.

This trick will surely create a cohesive look, and will make your bathroom look and feel more relaxing!

  1. Swap Your Shower Curtain

Shower curtains are huge items in your bathroom, which means that how it looks can significantly affect the overall appearance of your bathroom. Using an old and torn shower curtain can make the space feel boring and dull.

If you don’t want this to happen, swap your shower curtain with a new one. Shower curtains are usually cheap, and you can find countless options in several online and offline stores.

You can choose to use a trendy shower curtain or one that has very subtle designs. You can even buy personalized shower curtains today and have your preferred design printed on them.

Shower curtains might be cheap, but using the right one will surely make a big difference to your bathroom!

  1. Introduce Some Greenery

You can enjoy several benefits when you place plants inside your bathroom. Aside from adding a pop of color to the space, indoor plants can also improve the air quality of the space and make you less susceptible to allergies.

Some indoor plants are also very fragrant, which means that placing them inside your bathroom can help neutralize bad odor.

Introducing some greenery to your bathroom would also be also apt if you have a tight space. With the number of indoor plants available today, you can easily find one that suits your space.

You can choose to have a small plant that you can place on top of your sink or care for hanging plants.

When choosing an indoor plant, make sure that you also consider its maintenance requirements as well.

Don’t pick indoor plants that require too much watering if you’re usually busy during the day. This can result in dead or withered plants that can become an eyesore in your bathroom area.

image - Bathroom

Practice Consistency

For you to enjoy an appealing bathroom in the long run, it’s important to be consistent with your efforts.

If you’re going to invest in storage boxes, for example, but won’t have the discipline to put your valuables in their right places, all of your efforts will be useless.

With this kind of behavior, it won’t be long before your bathroom will look cluttered again.

Use this article as your guide when redecorating your bathroom, and make sure that you exert time and effort to maintain its appearance.

Just like with any home improvement projects, consistency will always be key for you to reap the rewards of your hard work.

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