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Some Simple Ways to Care for Your Trees

You can feel proud that your landscape has so many beautiful trees. When you relax under their canopy, you can rejoice in their shade.

It can have a positive impact on your utility bills also. Plus, having well-maintained trees can be excellent for your property.

image - Some Simple Ways to Care for Your Trees
Some Simple Ways to Care for Your Trees

You don’t have to worry as much about pollution, soil erosion, etc. These can also serve as a home to different birds.

Simultaneously, healthy trees can also give your eyes some relief from the busy urban life and its sights. You instantly feel at peace when you gaze at them in the backdrop.

Hence, they deserve your caring and nurturing. Here are some suggestions in this regard. Let’s explore them at once.

Tree Plantation

You have to get trees that can thrive in the current climatic conditions and soil and light conditions. Make sure the planted tree has enough space to sway as it is healthy for its trunks.

However, if a new tree cannot stand by itself, you have to support it. You can remove the stakes when it is ready to carry itself.

It may take about one year or so. Make sure the area near the tree doesn’t grow grass. Otherwise, it would start using the nutrients. It is not a favorable situation, especially for a young tree. So keep the grass away.

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Feeding and Caring

It would be best if you watered them regularly. While doing this, you need to ensure that the root area gets deeply saturated.

However, before you water it again, the soil should become a little dry. You cannot rely on lawn sprinklers for this job as they may fail to supply water to deeper levels.

You can instead resort to drip irrigation or soil basin. With water, you also have to take care of the fertilizers. Young trees need more fertilizing than mature ones.

You have to feed mature trees only if they show signs of yellow foliage or poor growth. You can test the soil in the ground to find out what nutrients would help them.

Besides, mulching is another thing. You can put two to three inches of organic matter, such as compost or pine straw, under the tree shade.

It will allow the soil to retain wetness and get a better texture. Weeds will also get checked.

It is a lot of work. If you don’t know much about it or have little time to devote to this activity, you can read Empire Tree’s article for some useful insights.


It would help if you kept cars, lawnmowers, and other harmful equipment away from tree roots, trunks, etc. These can damage them and affect their health.

Any structural damage to trees can be an invitation for insects and other pests. And they can further cause serious injury to its health, leading to decay or even death. So keep these things in mind.

Proper care and maintenance are necessary for a tree’s healthy development. Whether you don’t know much about the caring process or have less time to spend on this, you can always reach out to an expert for their suggestions and help.

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