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The Environmental Benefits of Keeping Trees Healthy

The Environmental Benefits of Keeping Trees Healthy — Trees are something that anyone can appreciate: they are exceptionally beautiful to look at, plus they supply shade and protection. However, they offer important environmental benefits far beyond what they provide in aesthetic beauty and a cool place to rest – healthy trees do things for the environment that you are unable to see. Here is an explanation of why they are so important to the environment, plus three reasons why you need to trust their care to a trained professional.

The Environmental Benefits of Keeping Trees Healthy

The Environmental Benefits of Keeping Trees Healthy
The Environmental Benefits of Keeping Trees Healthy

The Carbon Sink Effect

Every time you breathe in fresh oxygen, you can thank a tree for ridding the atmosphere of harmful carbon dioxide. If you’ve followed the discussion surrounding global warming and climate change, you’ll appreciate how important this is. Carbon sinks are plants, including grasses, flowers, shrubs, but especially trees.

Trees are the largest carbon sinks on earth, absorbing a massive amount of carbon dioxide every day. Trees have the capacity to hold carbon-containing chemical compounds for indefinite periods. You don’t need to be an arborist in Edmonton to appreciate the positive effect of Canada’s epic boreal forest towards vital ecological functions.

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Keeping Trees Healthy

Everyone should also be able to appreciate why keeping trees healthy is essential to supporting their ability to act in this ecological capacity. A sick tree loses much of its ability to absorb harmful chemicals from the air, while it tries to either protect itself from insects or ward off common diseases. If you own property with trees in Alberta, Canada, this is where an arborist in Edmonton will be necessary to avoid common illnesses in your trees. Visit Chipps Tree Care to learn more about the importance of pruning and to find out what a certified ISA arborist can do to ensure that your property is home to healthy, happy trees contributing to the fight against carbon pollution.

  • Safety – The first reason you need to hire a trained arborist centers around your own safety. Trimming large trees requires an expert knowledge, plus the proper tools. It is unsafe to try to prune a large tree without the correct tools and equipment. In addition to being dangerous, when trees are not pruned correctly, they can actually do more harm than good.
  • Proper Technique – When you employ an arborist with an ISA certification, you are guaranteeing the company has a knowledgeable staff of tree experts. They know when to prune a tree, how to prune it correctly, plus they can quickly detect and address problems. Regular pruning by an ISA certified arborist is the only way to ensure your trees will receive the proper care they need to stay healthy.
  • Increase Property Value – When you entrust the care of your trees to a certified professional, you help ensure they remain healthy. However, you also invest in their worth: trees add a great deal of monetary value to your property, so keeping them vibrant and healthy actually increases the value of your home.
Keeping Trees Healthy
Keeping Trees Healthy

So, when you’re sitting under a majestic tree, maybe sipping on a cool glass of ice tea, remembering these awe-inspiring plants are sipping as well. They slowly sip the harmful carbon dioxide out of your atmosphere. Trees do more than just offer a protective umbrella from the elements; they provide essential environmental benefits that we can’t even see.

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