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6 Steps to Speed Clean Your Living Room

Cleaning up is such a chore! You feel demotivated and lazy to start the cleanup, and it shows. The living room can soon gather kinds of stuff that do not belong there.

image - 6 Steps to Speed Clean Your Living Room
6 Steps to Speed Clean Your Living Room

Eventually, you have no other way but to clean the room. Maybe you have a guest coming over in a few days, or worse few hours, and you need a quick fix.

Well, worry not! All you need to do is find ways to clean up the room fast and methodically. You prefer not to waste time cleaning one part of the room while neglecting the rest. Continue reading to learn valuable tips for cleaning your living room fast.

Create a Plan

How do you eat an elephant? The answer is one bite at a time. It is easy to procrastinate when faced with a massive task. But procrastination will get you nowhere.

By the time you end up watching a few more episodes of your favorite TV shows, the living room will still be messy. Therefore, it is time to be motivated and get on with the work.

  • The first thing you need to do is come up with a plan. Divide the room by chores or sections of work. For example, you can gather the unnecessary things first, vacuum second and clean furniture and tabletops.
  • Once you have created the strategy, it is time to follow through the same. Just by completing the plan, you do not accomplish anything. Look around, and you can still see the mess just as before.

Gather the Supplies

If you want to clean the living room, you need cleaning supplies such as a laundry basket, sponge, glass cleaners, brooms, and more. Make sure everything is handy so that you don’t have to look for things when you require them.

If you use one of those vacuum cleaners that run on batteries and don’t need to be plugged on, recharge the machine in advance.

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Get all the things lying all over the room and put them into a basket. You don’t need to worry about sorting while gathering the objects; instead, make sure the things are piled up in one container.

Dust the Furniture

It is time to clean the sofa and dust the tabletops. You may use a vacuum cleaner or a simple duster to clean the dust off. Use a sponge and surface cleaner to wipe off the tabletops and the wooden furniture surface.

The Carpet

People often spill things on the carpet, which may leave a mark hard to remove. The stains are hard to remove if it is old stain.

Moreover, the rug gathers dust over time, which makes it unhealthy for little children to play sitting on the carpet. Carpets are one of those things that you cannot quickly clean and dry.

They need a thorough cleaning. Therefore, many people opt for a local carpet cleaning service to dry-wash their carpets. For example, one living in Orlando may search for carpet cleaning in Orlando, FL to locate the best service provider.

Once the carpet is cleaned, you can see the massive difference in color between the old and the newly washed carpet. The room itself will look cleaner once you put down a clean carpet on the floor.

Room Freshener

Once you are done, spray some room freshener to eliminate any unpleasant smell. Be sure to open the window to let the sunlight come through. A damp space looks and feels dirty, whereas a warm room is more welcoming.

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