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7 Pro Design Tips for How to Design a Beautiful and Unique Living Room

Your living room is your home’s first impression. A living room with a beautiful design can help improve the wellness, mood, and health of the people, who live there.

If you’re going to gather and socialize in a room, it should have a positive effect on you. To make your living room have a positive effect, it should be stylish, comfortable, and personal to you.

image - 7 Pro Design Tips for How to Design a Beautiful and Unique Living Room
7 Pro Design Tips for How to Design a Beautiful and Unique Living Room

Here are seven tips to design a unique living room that people will want to gather in.

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1. Come up With a Color Scheme

When designing a space, this is where you should start. A color scheme will keep the design cohesive and make it look more professional. It will also make designing your space easier because you’ll be able to narrow down items to ones that work.

This doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Start with colors you like to be around, colors that calm you, or your favorite color. From there, you can build a color scheme for your unique living room.

2. Add Texture and Patterns

This is one of the best ways to make a living room design unique. With so many textures and patterns available, there’s sure to be one for every style. You can add a little with small polka dots or a lot with large flowers.

Add texture with blankets, rugs, and curtains. Use patterns on pillows, curtains, and walls. Play with colors in both your textures and prints for an extra punch.

3. Go Bold on Your Walls

Walls no longer need to be a single neutral color. While statement walls are popular, you can still make them unique with fun shades that match your color scheme. But don’t stop there.

Add a gallery wall of your favorite art or photos. If you love plants, display them here. Use shelves to create interest in your design.

4. Add Unique Living Room Decor

Accent pieces will make your home feel personalized and lived in. These items are meant to complement the larger pieces of design. They can be easy items to find like coffee table books or vintage pieces to give the room character.

These accent decor pieces can go anywhere in the room. Add custom mirrors to a blank wall to open up space. Mix and match vases in your style on the mantel or use a tray to display smaller items like candles and decorative objects on a coffee table.

5. Statement Furniture

Your living room sofa will get a lot of use, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. Have some fun by playing around with the shape, color, and fabrication of your comfy perch.

Accent chairs, coffee tables, and console cabinets don’t have to be boring either. They can complement or contrast your sofa and other design elements. Visual interest is key.

6. Mood Lighting

Now that you have a great design make sure you can see it. Lighting in the room will set the mood, so you’ll want to have a few options. Overhead lights will illuminate the whole room while table lamps give a cozy feel.

Choose fixtures that compliment your overall style and design. But this is an area you can have fun, so play with color and size.

7. Something With a Story

Make your living room super unique by adding something that has a story. These are personal items that will catch your guests’ eye.

Display your grandparent’s old record player or your extensive collection of depression glass. It can also be a newer item that has a good memory and a great story behind it. Not only are these pieces unique, but they also start a conversation.

Designing a Dream

Designing your living room should be fun. Your home is a place to express yourself. Let your personality shine with a unique living room that’s meant for you.

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