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How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost on Average?

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Keeping it in top shape is essential to enjoying your dream home. But remodeling your kitchen can be an overwhelming task. It is hard to get precise information about exactly how much a kitchen remodels should cost because each project is unique.

image - How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost on Average
How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost on Average

Your kitchen design, the materials you choose, and the professionals you contract will all impact the end cost of your remodeling. Lucky for you we have a guide to help you get the right budget and stick to it.

Your Kitchen Remodeling Budget

Do not start a project without a clear budget. This budget will determine what is and is not possible. If you do not know what your limits are the project can quickly blow out. A typical medium-sized kitchen remodels costs between $20,000 and $50,000, use that as a starting point.

where you live, your home value, product selection, and project scope will all impact your end costs. Do you want to gut your kitchen entirely, potentially moving walls and relocating utilities? Or would you prefer to save and simply replace appliances and cabinets in your current layout?

Here is a standard breakdown of how you can expect to divvy up your project’s budget.

  • Cabinets: 29%
  • Appliances: 17%
  • Install: 13%
  • Countertop: 11%
  • Lighting & Electrical: 10%
  • Plumbing: 6%
  • Flooring: 5%
  • Backsplash: 5%
  • Miscellaneous: 4%

It is important to set aside 10-15% of your total budget to cover overflow expenses.

What Does a Typical Kitchen Remodel Cost?

There is no typical kitchen remodel cost. The way you decide to approach the project determines the eventual cost. Here we break down what a kitchen remodel might look like under different budgets.

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Low Budget, $5-$15k

A low-budget remodel will require mostly DIY work. You will be refacing or refinishing cabinets, rather than installing new ones. You might upgrade your sink and faucets.

You will use cheaper materials for your countertops such as laminate. You can upgrade your appliances but likely with low to mid-range products.

Medium Budget, $15k-$30k

In a medium budget remodel you will hire installers to do much of the work. You will likely install new sinks and faucets, along with new semi-custom cabinets.

A medium remodel might include building a new kitchen island. You will replace the floor and install high-end appliances.

High Budget, $30k+

The high budget remodels will see you outsource your project to a general contractor. A general contractor will oversee the project for you and be much less stressful but will cost significantly more. The right contractor, such as this kitchen remodeling company, can be a lifesaver.

In this project, you will have custom-built cabinets built and installed. Quality materials will be used for your countertops such as granite and quartz. A complete refitting of the lighting.

Adding new high-quality floors. Installing new sinks and faucets. Installing high-end appliances. These projects can quickly become very expensive if you are making structural changes to your kitchen as these require refitting pipes and electrical systems.

Your New Kitchen

A great kitchen can make or break a home. And this shows with newly remodeled kitchens given a huge boost to sale prices.

Ultimately though it is your home and you want it to feel that way and having your dream kitchen is the ultimate way to make your home your own. If you enjoyed this article check out the rest of our home improvement blog.

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