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What a Designer Can do for Your Kitchen Remodel

One of the biggest renovation projects any homeowner can take on is the kitchen. Kitchens are the most used area of the home and require a lot of consideration when making changes.

Hiring a designer can mean the difference between creating the kitchen of your dreams or a home renovation nightmare.

Designers not only come up with a detailed plan, but they see the entire project through to completion.

image - What a Designer Can do for Your Kitchen Remodel
What a Designer Can do for Your Kitchen Remodel

Designers Have All the Connections

When you hire a designer, you’re not just hiring someone to create a beautiful space. You are paying someone to complete a successful project.

This includes connecting you to the best contractors, vendors, and tradespeople in the business.

As people with an active pulse in the industry, they know who to use and who to avoid. Without someone advocating for your needs, you are responsible for making these decisions on your own.

This means researching and hiring contractors every step of the way. And the quality of work falls on your shoulders.

Designers Come with Expertise

With the availability of information today, it’s easy to find inspiration online to create your dream kitchen.

But a designer is skilled at turning ideas into value, function, and beauty. Being skilled in interior design and architecture, designers possess out-of-the-box thinking that takes ideas to the next level.

When you bring them everything you’re excited about, they will elevate it by improving space usage, creating a floor plan design, and suggesting the best materials.

From lighting to tile, and everything in between, they will design a kitchen you can be proud of.

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Designers Ensure Quality

Products and materials change constantly. Designers stay on the cutting edge of the best materials to use for every intended purpose.

If you don’t partner with someone who has intimate knowledge of the industry, you will waste time researching trends in construction and still risk choosing the wrong product for your remodel.

At Pronto Kitchens, they have a simple 3-step renovation process. First, they create a design giving you everything you need within your budget.

The team comes up with a timeline to work completion. Then, cabinetry is built at their in-house plant to reduce wait time, and they offer a wide range of light, plumbing, and electrical fixtures to choose from, as well.

Finally, all projects are assigned a Project Manager who oversees the quality and progression of the work.

Designers Get the Job Done

Some people love to DIY home renovation projects. Unfortunately, this creates a problem in the kitchen since DIY takes a lot longer than hiring professionals.

While your kitchen is under construction, you have to consider a backup plan for taking care of your family during the time it’s out of commission.

The question is: how long are you willing to live without your kitchen? Designers aren’t interested in rushing the job, but they will finish it in a timely manner.

They also see the project through from start to finish, so you can feel confident the finished kitchen is what you set out for.

Before designing your kitchen make sure you keep a few things in mind. What is your budget? A well-defined budget will help create a successful project.

Instead of replacing everything, can you get away with a refresh or update? What are your organizational needs? With this information, your designer will draw a plan focusing on what needs to be changed, rather than gutting your entire kitchen.

Remember to be open-minded. You may have some great ideas, but a professional want to take those ideas and create a work of art.