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Why You Need an Acrylic Splashback in Your Kitchen

Wondering how to give your kitchen a quick refresh without the extortionate costs and endless waiting around for its completion? Perhaps you’re looking to undergo a revamp but are unsure about the best ways to modernise your space without breaking the bank.

image - Why You Need an Acrylic Splashback in Your Kitchen
Why You Need an Acrylic Splashback in Your Kitchen

If you’re looking for an easy way to incorporate style and convenience, you might want to invest in an acrylic splashback. Not only are they extremely versatile and easy to install yourself, but they will also add a touch of sophistication and personality to any space, large or small.

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What are the Benefits of Acrylic?

Acrylic is a very easy material to work with, making it the perfect option for those new to the world of DIY. It is also extremely durable and will, therefore, be immune to any possible knocks and drops during the process of installation.

Suppliers like plasticsheetshop are able to cut your acrylic sheet to size so that it is ready to fit into your kitchen straight away.

Whilst it is a common misconception that plastic splashbacks can be susceptible to heat damage, acrylic can withstand temperatures of up to 160 degrees Celsius so homeowners can rest assured that they are safe to have in the kitchen, even over hot ovens and stoves.

Acrylic is also available in many different finishes from fluorescent shades to mirrored or matte options. This means that your kitchen can reflect your design preferences and personality in ways not achievable with tiles or any other alternatives.

Kitchen Splashback Trends

If a style is one of your concerns, an acrylic splashback can most certainly add a touch of sophistication to your space.

One of the biggest kitchen trends for 2020 is neutral colours mixed with striking details. To mimic this trend in your space, try going for a bold coloured splashback to contrast with neutral coloured fittings.

On the other hand, you could opt for a simpler tone and finish, such as a matte black, to suit a minimalist style kitchen.

Acrylic can also be used to create an illusionary effect if you’re looking to make a space appear bigger. If this is a concern, try opting for a mirrored finish in order to open up your kitchen and help reflect light around the room.

Adding some backlighting to your splashback is also a great way to take it to the next level, enhancing the ambience to your space and creating a welcoming, cosy environment.

Cleaning Your Acrylic Kitchen Splashback

Acrylic is an easy material to clean using normal household cleaning products, however, it is important to use gentle materials and products that are not too harsh as to avoid scratching the surface and leaving a dull finish.

A microfibre cloth is ideal for this, while antistatic cleaners are gentle enough to be used on the surface of the acrylic without having to worry about causing damage.

If you do find any scratches on your acrylic kitchen splashback, these can easily be removed. Simply use a polish to buff away small scuffs or gently sand over any deep scratches with fine sandpaper.

Why is it Better Than the Alternatives?

Installing an acrylic kitchen splashback is much easier than ripping out old tiles and replacing them with new ones. If you dread this level of renovation, acrylic splashbacks can even be placed over old tiles, making mouldy grout and grotty tiles a thing of the past.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a splashback that will stand the test of time, acrylic is a much better choice than popular alternatives, such as glass.

In fact, acrylic is 30 times more resistant than glass, as well as weighing and costing a great deal less. On top of this, acrylic splashbacks can be fitted quickly and easily with the use of tools you probably already have at home.

In contrast, the glass will need to be handled much more carefully and you will likely need a professional to help out.

Whether your concern is for style or convenience, there are many benefits of opting for an acrylic splashback for your new kitchen. Requiring minimal effort to install and keep in good shape, it is easy to see why many of us are eager to invest in an acrylic splashback for our homes.

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