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7 Fabulous Kitchen Remodelling Designs 2020

Ten years ago, the kitchen was concealed in the back of the building. It was a space where food was cooked, and dirty plates were cleaned. Jump to 2020, and the kitchen has a very interesting role to fill.

Presently, the kitchen is the focal point of the house, the space that gets us together at the beginning of the day or after a hard day’s travel.

Now instead, the kitchen is trotted with all its glory and comfort at the very core of the house. Kitchens have evolved a lot over the decades, and it’s really important to execute kitchen remodeling services in NY.

Technology developments and growing societal conditions have led significantly to the emergence of new kitchens. There is a far greater emphasis on open plan homes that are centered around the kitchen so that everybody can be together.

Like for every new design theme, sleek and simplistic designs have become favorites for households for natural light being an integral part of the overall look and layout of the kitchen room.

Modern kitchens are among the greatest alternatives you have now. A life full of activities and the little and limited time you have in your home, several days it doesn’t encourage you to invest a lot of time in it and devote the time it demands.

Advances in technology allow us the ability to accomplish everything we couldn’t do, and that we can devote time to other projects and events.

The kitchen should be pragmatic, simple, efficient, and ordered, yet without setting aside a great architecture, a room that conveys the comfort of the house that we see in the kitchens of earlier times.

If you haven’t yet settled on the most suitable type of design for your kitchen, we’ll show you some interesting styles of classic kitchen decorations that will encourage the redesign of one of the home environments that has been reimagined and upgraded in recent years.

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  1. Dual-toned Kitchen

Forget complementing and matching. The kitchens are getting progressively blended as we reach a new period. The preference for mixing two colors through kitchen cabinets is expected to grow in 2020.

It’s a perfect way to bring a fascinating twist to the design, and it can alter the entire look of the space.

Opt for deeper, darker units and contrast with lighter colors elsewhere to bring dimension and variety to the room.

The concept expands to the contrasting color of the walls. From the shelves to the countertops, you have the ability to try various design features.

You should play with vibrant finishes such as oak grains, matte finishes, or chic laminates.  Having them juxtaposed generates immediate impact.

image - Dual-toned Kitchen

  1. Simple and Streamlined Textures and Designs

Although designs such as country house and mid-century modern will still be common, households are increasingly becoming more refined in their overall general aesthetics, layouts, and substitute kitchen materials.

Stress-free worlds are something you feel want to come from, too, and absorb the burden of living regularly. This generally implies ease.

Simple looks are mostly about smooth, sleek shapes. They will prove to be a big success across 2020.

Take a peek at our kitchen remodeling collection for your concept suggestions. If we say simple, we do not want to mean dull.

Therefore, consider textured materials if you use open cabinetry, rough-cut timber to incorporate organic elements or metallic tubing towards a more industrial approach.

Floor tiles in natural materials or paneling tiles that are carved beveled or piled make it a great focal point.

These fascinating patterns are quite distinct from the normal matte or shiny finishes we see nowadays.

You may also want to try using a ceiling remedy to offer the extra boost. Coffering or wood beams are the best options to include.

image - Simple and Streamlined Textures and Designs

  1. Effective Storage Space

One of the main issues with kitchen cabinetry is the needless wasting of storage space. The manner in which the simple cabinets and shelves are designed leaves a lot of unused space.

Worse still, the storage available is either too limited for any of the bigger items or the opposite: it’s too big and doesn’t allow you means to arrange the area adequately and effectively.

In a time when we are trying to declutter for our greater well-being, storage is the secret.

Particularly in kitchens where we need so many other ‘things,’ from supplies to cooking appliances to prepare meals. Well-placed, enclosed storage is a glimpse in the aesthetics of modern kitchens.

Kitchen storage is among the key elements of a practical kitchen. Whether it is insufficient or counterproductive, you will encounter countless struggles and obstacles.

Installing high-quality kitchen cabinets will make your life so much easier, you will thank yourself in the long run.

In order to overcome these storage problems, homeowners have started to look for suitable storage options inside cabinets.

These can include storage units for small appliances, drawer separators for utensils & cutlery, seasoning pull-outs, tray compartments, roll-out trays, and bowl & pot caddies, as well as trash and recyclable bins and/or deep cabinets.

They should make it easy to store food, beverages, and kitchen appliances.

2020 would also have a variety of innovative kitchen storage solutions across the entire kitchen – centered on making everyday life more seamless and keeping cooking enjoyable.

image - Effective Storage Space

  1. Drop the Idea of a White Kitchen

While white shelves are a classic style that can be seen in almost every kind of kitchen design, we’re gradually beginning to have them on their way out! Experts expect whites to continue to diminish in prominence during 2020.

To break up an all-white space, we intend to see islands with a range of varying shades of hues or wood stains.

The blending of textures provides the requisite accent piece and added pops-of-color for the vibrant minds. Such bursts-of-color would be the most common in the shades of aquamarines and green.

In reference to these soft natural tones, there is another paint range that finds its way into the kitchen – deep jewel hues: charcoal, turquoise, emerald green, and even rose.

You’d be amazed to see how well darker kitchen cabinets would fit in and/or improve a kitchen with a dynamic and elegant look. Dark kitchen cabinets are full of luxury, and a rich, stylish feel that other choices don’t really provide.

The kitchen is set in simple dramatic nature. Nonetheless, you must be cautious not to clutter the room, rendering it feel permanently dim.

Yet more and more consumers are becoming bolder and preferring a kitchen with dark cabinet finishes in 2020. Expect to see lots of blacks and deeper colors in the swankiest house of 2020.

image - Quartz is Here to stay

  1. Quartz is Here to stay

Quartz still comes out on top for high-end kitchen countertops. The material is incredibly strong, will last nearly indefinitely, is easy to clean, and is anti-microbial.

Granite, the biggest competition in the high-end class, needs a bit more upkeep. As quartz countertops originally came in the industry, the biggest issue was the shortage of choice of shades and textures.

But over time, due to innovation, producers have manufactured a wide variety of colors to chose from, as well as accurate stone designs.

You may also have quartz finished with intricate swirls and large streaks to mimic certain products, including natural stone.

These specific styles have now become incredibly common. Yet there is a clear shift towards lighter, more neutral tones.

It is clearly in accordance with the movement towards streamlined designs found in most household spaces. Increasingly homeowners prefer shades such as brown, taupe, cream, or ivory textures.

The trend tastes have shifted to particulate veining that we’ve seen in recent years.  It is necessary to note the growing prevalence of composite sinks.

There are sinks constructed of the same substance as the countertop. This provides a smoother, more consistent feel which allows cleaning and upkeeps even simpler.

Nonetheless, it’s going to be a difficult fight against the still very prominent stainless steel and farmhouse sinks.

  1. Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

The Kitchen Islands are no longer a reconsidered option, an unimportant item to wedge into space. They are now the focal points and the core of the kitchen.

One of the trends that are evolving is a single-level, larger scale, providing multiple purposes, particularly because we are getting fewer wall storage space in kitchen design.

The kitchen island is supposed to have an effect, and its architecture must make a statement. The bigger kitchen islands of 2020 will represent the jack-of-all-trades.

They will have storage shelves and would be fitted with a range of under-counter equipment, while still having seating – serving as a quick dining and/or cocktail lounge.

In order to handle the expanded capacity, we see a trend in the making for the kitchen island to expand into the living room area to open floor plan dwellings. This means that the kitchen island can also be multi-functional without having to clutter the kitchen.

image - Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

  1. Smart Kitchens

Technological advancement has reached the kitchen with full power, not only in the form of innovative appliances and gadgets.

Presently, you can have a kitchen with innovation embedded into every feature and device – from the taps to the refrigerator to the lights. That is what we consider digital kitchens. Smart kitchens in NY are an emerging feature of architecture.

In reality, several of today’s kitchens are intelligently constructed from scratch. For the leisure of the homeowner, older kitchens, sensor systems, smart gizmos, and other appliances can be appended.