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Steps To Planning the Perfect Home Renovation Project

It is a new year, the perfect time to give your home a new look. You have probably been putting it off waiting for the right time. I hate to break it to you but there is never going to be a perfect time to renovate your home.

There will always be other financial responsibilities that are more urgent. Therefore, you will keep postponing the issue until you completely forget about it one day.

image - Steps To Planning the Perfect Home Renovation Project
Steps To Planning the Perfect Home Renovation Project

You need a comprehensive plan for you to finally get down and begin your home renovation. Failure to plan is planning to fail, as cliche, as it sounds this statement, has a grain of truth in it. Below are the detailed steps to how you can plan the perfect home renovation.


image - Budget

Money or lack of it is what has been holding you back from renovating your home in the first place. Before you go neck-deep into the planning process ensure that you have a substantial amount of money. Renovation is by no means cheap at all.

You probably have to buy supplies, cover the cost of a contractor and his crew and cover other additional expenses that may arise in the course of the renovation.

Do an inventory, check out everything that is worn out and needs to be replaced. Prepare a comprehensive list of the repairs and ask an expert to give you a cost estimate for each repair. This will give you an outline of the required budget. Prepare an amount that is slightly above the estimate to be on the safe side.

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image - Research



Before undertaking anything on this earth, ensure that you have an adequate amount of information on the subject. Having no knowledge about construction while planning to renovate is like going to war without weapons and knowledge of the lay of the battlefield. You will have lost the war before it began.

There are various sources where you can get all the knowledge you need. The internet for instance is just an expansive library, you could google about any subject and get an incredible worth of information. So research widely about the cost of hiring contractors, cost of materials, the best materials to buy, and any other matter related to the subject.

Get a Contractor

image - Get A Contractor

After budgeting and researching on the matter, then the real work begins. For the process to kick off well you need someone efficient at the helm of the renovation ship. During your research, you probably settled on a reliable construction firm, vet, and get the best and most affordable contractor among the lot.

To be fully sure of your appointment, check out other recent works done by the contractor. To protect yourself, follow the due contracting legal process, hire a lawyer to draft the contract between you and the contractor. The terms of the contract should favor both parties and guide the renovation process to a successful end.

Set A Timeline

image - Set A Timeline

The contractor and you should then go over your renovation budget and plan. Take him through every facet of the renovation process and revise the estimates where necessary. This is also the proper time to tell him of your renovation plan and let the expert guide you.

For example, the contractor will tell you whether it is viable to install a skylight or replace your balcony windows with a French door.

The walkthrough with the contractor will probably bring you back to earth if you had an unrealistic renovation plan. Most of the time the estimated budget ends up being lower than the real renovation cost. This is why we had advised you to tuck some extra cash away.

After going through and confirming everything, set a timeline by which the whole process will be completed. The timeline should be flexible.

Pack Up and Let the Renovation Begin

image - Pack Up and Let the Renovation Begin

This stage of the renovation process is also a factor that contributes to people shying away from renovating their homes. The thought of being away from your familiar warm, cozy home for any period of time can be terrifying for anyone.

Regardless, what needs to be done has to be done. The renovation will make your future stay at the home more comfortable and is worth the sacrifice.

The period of time you will be away from the house is determined by the extent of repairs that need to be done at your home. Conduct impromptu visits to see how the renovation is coming along during this period.


After the completion of the renovation, visit your home and check whether everything has been done to your satisfaction. Has the kitchen decor been maintained like how your wife wanted it? Find the answer to this and any other query that you may harbor. Only move back into the house if you are sure that everything has been done satisfactorily.

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