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Stress Free Tips for the Sale of a Property

Commercial or residential, if you’re planning on selling, the idea alone is daunting and the process can be stressful, especially if you are new to selling and don’t know where to even begin.

When selling any type of property, there’s a lot of planning and other details you need to consider and be aware of.

Understanding how to present your property firstly and then secondly what goes into the whole process of selling can make selling your property easy, fast, and stress-free.

image - Stress Free Tips for the Sale of a Property
Stress Free Tips for the Sale of a Property

Following the proper procedures will significantly impact the value of your property, it’s vital to have expert advice from a trained and certified professional to lead you in the right direction of what will be best in terms of your property, the sale, and your financials.

Have an expert in your corner for all your property-related enquires whether it’s for, mortgage finance, capital gains tax, current fair market, or presale/pre-purchase valuation advice. Here are a few valuable tips to consider when it comes time to sell your property.

Steps and Process to Selling

Before you can even put your property up for sale, you need to understand all steps involved and the process to how this can be achieved.

Most important you need to determine the true market value of your property; this can be achieved by a current market or presale valuation report that will detail the true value from all data and research analyzed by the valuer at the inspection of the property as well as any external factors of the local market that may come into effect.

The next steps to prepare

  • The costs involved – levies and real estate fees
  • Sales and listing agreements
  • Determine when its best to sell your property (will be detailed and advised in your valuation report)
  • The true value (which will determine the best price to sell at)
  • The settlement process and what is expected during the sale
  • Type of sale – (auction, open house, or private)

Choosing the right agent can make a world of difference, just as a certified knowledgeable valuer is vital, having a real estate agent that’s local to your area, experienced and professional will increase the chances of getting the best from your sale and in the fastest time.

An agent understands the industry of selling property, knows how to smooth over possible friction that may arise and create complications for sale, and that alone can eliminate the stress factors that you would have considered if you hadn’t chosen an agent right for you.

Agents have their hands on every step of the process, without you realizing all the work that is happening behind the scenes.  This includes marketing the property for pre-listing, coordinating open houses, negotiating prices and terms, assisting with paperwork, and handling all walkthroughs and inspections.

Without the right agent or not having one at all, any of the tasks could prove to be stressful full and that could lead to the downfall in the sale of your property.

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Get your property sale-ready, first impressions count, as potential buyers approach your property this will give the impression if they are even willing to set in the front door. The exterior of a property can say a lot about the owner and the potential of the home.

Whether you require a fresh coat of paint throughout the property, this can have a tremendous impact on the appeal to buyers giving them a sense of updated newness, styling your home is also important, we recommend removing any personal items from sight, you want to give potential buyers an insight into the property and how their personality and lifestyle can fit into the home.

Maximize certain areas, giving different options of utilizing space will draw the attention of buyers to how versatile the space can be. Small little changes can make a big impact on the value and sale of the property.

Once your property is listed and housing inspections start, the best thing you could do is leave. You don’t want to feel like a stranger/visitor in your own home when you have several potential buyers coming in and out of your property.

leaving the property showings to your agents will take the stress away and perhaps give the agent an opportunity to work their magic and sell the property on the spot.

As your property is considered the most valuable asset a person can own, you shouldn’t be gambling on the easiest way to get a quick result.

Seeking expert advice and knowledge of your property’s potential is vital and that’s why we recommended your first step is speaking with an independent property valuer who is local to your area and has specialized expertise in the industry to tailor a service valuation that benefits you and your financial future investments.

Author Bio:

Adam Smith – LinkedIn Profile

Adam Smith is an expert property valuer with decades of experience working within the Adelaide real estate market. With his specialized skillset in large-scale Residential, Commercial and Industrial property valuations, Adam is dedicated to sharing his knowledge by engaging in industry education at conferences and seminars. Adam is a Certified Practising Valuer and an Associate Member of the Australian Property Institute (API).