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7 Stylish Wallpaper Styles to Consider for 2020 and Beyond

Gone are the days when the wallpaper was considered a tacky faux pas in design. Today, this versatile decor is both stylish and trendy — if you do it right.

image - 7 Stylish Wallpaper Styles to Consider for 2020 and Beyond
7 Stylish Wallpaper Styles to Consider for 2020 and Beyond

Hanging wallpaper isn’t necessarily easy, but it’s a fantastic way to add personality and flair to your home. And with the abundance of peel-and-stick designs available, even apartment dwellers can hop on the wallpaper train!

You don’t have to add wallpaper to your entire house, either. Instead, focus on the strategic use of stylish wallpaper to liven up otherwise blah areas.

Want help choosing a style? Here are seven stylish wallpaper designs that can’t be missed:

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  1. Geometric Patterns

You probably thought you left geometry behind back in high school. But it’s back!

Geometric patterns top the list as the most popular wallpaper style you’ll see in 2020.

Embracing this trend isn’t as simple as slapping a set of striped prints onto your walls and walking away, though. There’s an art — or maybe a math formula if you will — to using geometric patterns in your interior design.

However, you should keep in mind that too much of one geometric pattern is a recipe for a headache. If you have a checkered couch, for example, you probably shouldn’t have checkered wallpaper.

Experts recommend that you mix two or three patterns when styling your room. With that idea in mind, it’s important to know which patterns complement each other and which clash. For instance, floral patterns are highlighted well by stripes and polka dots.

Also, if you go with a geometric print, be sure to incorporate some solid colors into the room. A plain wall or a single-color couch in your living room will offset the intensity of the wallpaper, and your guests won’t feel like they’ve walked into a carnival funhouse!

  1. Florals

Floral wallpaper patterns were used centuries ago in the time of prim and proper guest waiting rooms. They were thought to be subtle and relaxing enough to impress every visitor, regardless of social class.

Florals are respectable, but they don’t have to be boring anymore.

When you choose a floral print, you can opt for subtle and flowery or bold and vibrant.

These patterns are perfect for any room in the house. Florals bring a type of calmness to a room that no other pattern can match.

Today’s florals come in options like:

  • Watercolors
  • Small, repeating prints
  • Whimsical, colorful and fun patterns
  • Basic but beautiful pastels

The pattern you choose should reflect your personality. Whether you want a vintage, bohemian look or something more contemporary, you can find a floral wallpaper pattern to suit your taste.

  1. Bolds

Some people thrive most in bold, vibrant environments. If that sounds like you, then wallpaper could be what you need. Many bold styles, like metallics and abstracts, are trending in 2020.

Shiny metallics come in both vintage and modern styles. They look best when featured as an accent on another pattern.

Gold filigree can accent an existing floral pattern. Silver metallic stripes mix well with complementary colors, like turquoise. Or, you can let the bold color pop on its own against a solid background.

Bolds don’t have to be metallic. They can also be vibrant mixes of abstract colors and patterns. As long as it makes you happy, you can paper your walls with any pattern you like!

  1. Murals

In the last decade, wallpaper murals have become increasingly popular.

Some people choose to hang solid-colored paper and paint their own artwork on it. Others opt for pre-made murals.

Wallpaper murals have been available with images of landscapes and cityscapes for years. While these options are still available, the list has expanded to include high-definition images and 3D styles.

You can use a wall to show off your love for travel or share your room with your favorite wild animal. There are so many options available that you’re sure to find one you can’t live without.

  1. Zen and Rustic

Maybe you prefer less vibrancy and more tranquility in your home, but florals aren’t your thing. Minimalistic options that take you into a Zen or rustic environment are trending, too.

Zen decor is often found in spas and massage rooms where rest is the main reason you’re there. This ambiance is possible in your own home, as long as you keep your apartment organized.

Some calming wallpaper can also help. Images of rainforest environments and stone walls will create a relaxed, tranquil vibe in your home.

The peaceful, earthy feeling of being outdoors is just as relaxing as a spa for some people. By decorating with a brick or wood grain wallpaper, you’ll get a similar feeling indoors.

  1. Dramatic

In the past, most designers would tell you that using dark colors in a small room was a no-no. You can toss that rule out the window in 2020.

Yes, dark colors can make a room feel smaller than it really is. But dramatic colors, when done right, add a sense of elegance to a room that’s tough to beat.

The trick is to use contrasting colors, like black and white, in your wallpaper and room decor. Florals can be romantic, even when juxtaposed against a dark backdrop.

Dark bronzes and greens also pair well with black accents to create an intense and classy decor scheme.

  1. Textures

Texture comes in two forms: visual and tactile. With wallpaper, you should focus more on the visual form. After all, many people will see your walls, but very few people will touch them.

Styles that add visual texture include:

  • Distressed
  • Seaglass
  • Plants
  • Scrap wood

Some wallpapers have a mix of both visual and tactile appeal. This is great in theory, but in reality, they can be harder to clean.

So although embossed wallpaper might look cool, you’ll have to put a lot more effort into maintaining it.


When you’re ready to make a big change in your home without doing a full renovation, it’s time to update your walls.

Wallpaper, either the permanent or removable type, is a trending way to broadcast your personality. Surround yourself with a pattern you love!

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