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Sustainable Furniture Brands

Furniture is a must in any home. People need to have furnishings to sit, eat and sleep. Many people have a certain specific idea in mind when it comes to furniture. They may want to have a certain style of furniture. For example, many people like classic items such as country French or a more modern style.

They also like items that let them relax and fit in well with the existing ways they’ve already decorated. For example, people are often looking for items that fit in with a given color scheme they have in mind for the entire space such as pastels or the use of jewel tones.

They may also be looking for items that can serve more than one purpose such as a large easy chair that can also be turned into a bed. In addition, people are also looking for furniture that has been made with the aim of using the earth’s resources well.

Sustainable Home, Sustainable Furniture

Sustainable Home, Sustainable Furniture

Sustainable Furniture

Part of buying furniture for many people is looking for brands that are based around the idea of what is known as sustainability. This concept is all about using what is available in the area and using it well. For example, furniture that is sustainable is furniture that is made from materials that can be harvested again and again.

Furniture items that are made from wood will use wood can be planted and harvested again. Bamboo, for example, typically yields more than one crop in any given time frame. When companies can harvest more than one crop in any given year, they can be assured of always having enough material on hand to create furniture for their customers.

Clients need not worry that they are buying items that mean that local wood is being chopped down but not being adequately replaced.

Reclaimed Items

One of the many ways that people can find sustainable furniture is by turning to reclaimed items. Reclaimed items can take many forms. Someone may buy an older piece and decide to paint it according to their personal tastes. Another person may visit yard sales and find older pieces they can transform and update at home. In addition to finding older items no longer wanted, it is also possible to find such reclaimed items from many furniture brands.

Many companies take older materials and make it new again. These pieces are often made from truly luxurious wood such as teak and mahogany. For many buyers, this is a great way to get a good deal on an item or series of items that they know are truly green. Instead of filling landfills, the reclaimed items will now fill a person’s home. Recycled materials are ideal for the Eco-conscious consumer who appreciates older items.

Tapping Into Local Resources

Another way to work with sustainable furniture brands is to locate brands that use local skills and local craft people. In many parts of the world, making furniture by hand is an art form. People have been making items such as chairs and tables from materials for many centuries. Just as they did in the past, they do the same today. Companies all over the globe have spent lots of time looking for ways to tap into this ancient knowledge.

People in many societies use materials that are only available locally and use them well. For example, a given type of wood might make beautiful chairs with a terrific texture that appeals to the sense of touch with a soft grain. Companies today have learned how to show people that it is possible to take local ideas and translate them into ideas that are both sustainable and likely to be popular all over the globe.

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Non-Toxic Materials

One of the hallmarks of any sustainable design is using materials that are known to be non-toxic. Non-toxic materials are those materials that will not give off unwanted fumes in the living room that could potentially threaten people’s lives over time.

Non-toxic materials are also materials that are typically made in accordance with age-old practices that enable people to make the best use of their existing resources. For example, a company may offer a couch that is made from cotton or linen. Cotton and linen have been used for centuries to create fabric.

Today, they are made with processes that allow the fabrics to be harvested and then used in furnishings easily without the need for harsh chemicals during the manufacturing process. Such fabrics are ideal in every way for use in furniture.

They can be cleaned with ease, take color well and can feel truly warm and soft when held in the hands. They also go well with many other types of materials in the home such as wood flooring and marble bathroom and kitchen surfaces.

Preparing For Children

People cherish and adore their children. They want to make sure that they have the right furniture items for their kids. For example, they want to have a bed where kids can sleep at night as well as a place for their kids to do their daily homework. The right furniture is ideal for their needs.

Sustainable furniture demonstrates to kids that it is possible to use the earth’s existing resources well and create items that are functional in any home. Many companies offer a line of children’s furniture. They provide pieces that are scaled down. This allows kids to sit comfortably.

Many such pieces are made with materials that are designed to grow with the child. Items that can be expanded and changed out as needed are sustainable. No need to buy new pieces as the child grows up. The new pieces can typically be moved to another room.

Quality items that are sustainable may cost slightly more in the immediate future. Yet, they will more than pay off because the parent will not need to buy new items over the years.

Sustainable furniture is ideal for use in any home where quality is a true must.

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