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Swimming Pool Renovation Tips

How long have you had your swimming pool? Has it been months? Years? Decades?

Do you remember the feeling you had when you first installed it? Can you recall the time you’ve spent in it with your family and friends or alone?

Keep the answers to these questions in mind, then take a look at your pool. Look at it for a minute or two as you reminisce.

Next, clear your mind and observe it with a more objective eye. What about it has changed, if anything?

image - Swimming Pool Renovation Tips
Swimming Pool Renovation Tips

The above exercise allows you to examine your pool and hopefully detect the changes it has undergone over time.

If it looks like the same old pool, you might at this point be wondering what adjustments you can feasibly make to it to give it a facelift.

There is good news on that front: it is possible to change how your pool looks without calling a construction crew back in to demolish it.

The secret to making significant alterations almost effortlessly is by renovating your pool’s interior.

The interior of the pool is a foundational factor in its appearance. Any modifications you make can alter the pool’s look as a whole, both subtly and glaringly.

Here are a few ideas for pool interior renovations to make it look new again.

The Pool Floor

Without considering the water, pool floors are the most prominent feature. When you look at a pool, you will mostly see the floor refracted and magnified through the water.

Regular maintenance dictates that they are resurfaced ideally every ten to fifteen years due to wear and tear.

The need for resurfacing presents the ideal opportunity to redesign. You can replace your original floors with materials like:

  • Quartzon- a smooth finish with distinctive blue colouring and shimmer effect.
  • Beadcrete- a colourful product made of oxides, quartz, and small glass spheres.
  • Tiles.
  • Coloured cement.
  • Textured stone.


You can modify the pool lighting system to affect the rest of the pool. Suppose you had conventional, single-tone lights in a row around the pool; a switch that transforms them into having multicoloured lights can have stunning added effects.

Conversely, bulbs can be altered to LED or solar lamps to eliminate the need for replacement while increasing energy efficiency.

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Adjustments you make to the pool do not have to be visible. They can be as subtle as switching to gas or solar-powered heaters for better energy economy to better filters for improved water conservation.

Changes such as these might seem insignificant; nevertheless, they can have a significant impact.

Chemicals used in your pool can have adverse effects over time. Even with constant replenishing, they still accumulate.

After your pool has been drained for renovations, you can opt to install a new filtration system or an Enviro Smart Mineral Pool.

Each of these uses fewer chemicals to retain its cleanliness than more well-known systems.

A new pool cover can also be handy in preserving the water while the pool is not in use.


Unexpectedly, you can use hardscaping as a form of interior renovation. Hardscaping refers to making modifications to the areas surrounding the pool rather than the pool itself.

It is an indirect method made by changing the way the perimeter and yard in general look may alter the pool itself, making it appear just a little different.

Interior pool renovation is a handy trick to achieving a new pool look without having to start construction again.

If you are ready to make some changes, like pool deck resurfacing contact us to consult on the services we offer and ask us for our affordable rates.

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