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What is the Best LED Landscape Lighting?

Landscaping is not only about maintaining well-trimmed lawns. There are a lot of other additions that can increase the beauty and appeal of your home.

One of those additions is LED lighting from Spokane landscape lighting. Landscape lighting helps your home to stand out from the others in your neighborhood.

You can also leverage its brightness for security purposes. If you have been considering landscape lighting for your home, you’re sure to have seen hundreds of options online.

Choosing from these options can be an overwhelming task. There is always the fear that you may make the wrong choice or that you may be paying for an overpriced product.

To save you from this stress and worry, we have put together some of the important information you need to know.

image - What is the Best LED Landscape Lighting?
What is the Best LED Landscape Lighting?

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Many homeowners are concerned about the costs of their energy usage. It is easy to see why they may be worried about increased energy usage when they install landscape lighting.

However, low voltage landscape lighting offers the perfect solution to this problem.

These landscape lightings are designed to consume between 12 and 24 volts, a significantly lower amount of energy compared to the conventional 120 volts used by other light bulbs.

To achieve this low voltage, a transformer is usually required to step down the voltage from 120 volts to 12 volts.

Choosing The Best Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

There are hundreds of different landscape lighting choices to choose from. However, some factors should be considered when making a selection.

Some of the factors that can affect your choice of landscape lighting include;


When choosing landscape lighting for your home or business needs, you should consider the exposure of the installation area to pollution.

If you are planning the installation for an area that is prone to dust, dirt, or other pollutants that can settle on the lighting, it is best to choose one that can be easily washed.

The most popular and highly regarded event-planning and -execution services are LED uplighting

They’ll ensure that the venue’s ambience and appearance are perfect, thanks to their experience in setting up sound and lighting equipment.

Presence of Objects

The presence of objects like trees or other structures may affect the brightness or overall goal of your landscape lighting. It is best to speak to a landscape designer to get their recommendation. Professional landscape designers are more likely to have handled such a challenge like this in the past.

They are sure to have the perfect product recommendation based on past success.

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Light Wastage

Light wastage occurs when the installed landscape lighting does not project as much as you would have wanted it to.

Wastage may be a result of installation close to the wall or ground. To circumvent this problem, you can either choose a high-intensity LED landscape light or adjust the installation area.

Background Shades

Background shades can make or mar your landscape lighting, thick background shades often appear to cover up the light thus achieving little or nothing in terms of security and lighting.

You can either select high-intensity landscape lighting or speak to your landscape designer on the ways to address the problem without damaging the ambiance offered by the tree shades.

The Best LED Landscape Lighting

ZUCKER 5W LED Landscape Light

This LED landscape lighting product consumes 12V and is available in warm white color for property owners who wish to add an accent and brighten their exterior.

The product comes with an IP65 waterproof design which makes it perfect for outdoor use.

Consumers who live in areas prone to pollution can also take advantage of this product.

Zucker 5W Led Landscape light comes with a 270-degree adjustable head and 500 lumens per piece for brighter function.

This product is perfect for all kinds of exterior landscaping use including patios, driveways, and garden paths.


With Zucker 5W Led Landscape light, you can expect an easy installation process. Customers can also expect delivery of super bright light from its adjustable head which makes it perfect for a range of applications.

Being water-resistant, you can wash the exterior LED light when covered in dirt or dust. It is also affordable and is made from rust-resistant aluminum material.


Purchasing this LED landscaping lighting may appear affordable. However, you’ll need to shed a little extra money on the transformer.

The kit does not come with a transformer to step the energy down to 12 volts. You also need to plan to buy the light connectors separately.

Other LED Landscape Lighting options to consider include;

  • Meikle 7W LED landscape lights
  • Sunvie 12W LED lights
  • Hypergiant 12W LED lights
  • Lamina low voltage lights

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